Nashville is one of the most popular cities in the world that many visit. It is located at a central position in Tennessee. Being the capital of the state, it acts as a hub for many things. Most importantly, it offers the best recreational amenities you could ever find elsewhere. When planning to tour this city, the list is long on the places to target for enjoyment.

Its legendary music history will see you arriving at several attractions. These places will share some of the best American traditions in music. For a better understanding of which sites to target, equip yourself with some knowledge. Below is a list to guide you.

The Nashville Parthenon

It is an iconic landmark found in Centennial Park at a walk distance of the city center westwards. From its history, the initial building was constructed of wood. Years later, a rebuild made it more elegant. The Cement building captures the true image of the original Greek temple.

Entering the Parthenon gives an unforgettable memory of the art collection. 63 works of great American painters are well-kept alongside historic statues. There is a section that makes you see the Parthenon marbles from the 5th-century-BC.

The Grand Ole Opry

Nashville’s rich music background is evident by this place whereby there are numerous traditional music stars iconic to it. In the Grand Ole Opry House, you enjoy classy country music. Often, stars perform from time to time hence it allows you to see yours sing live.

Find online platforms that allow you to book a schedule and grab a ticket for your show. Surf through and get detailed information on how to go about this. In case of slight changes in the performance timelines, such websites clear the air on that.

The Great Jackson Showboat

The Cumberland River flows through Nashville city giving a clear view of the city while cruising on it. The showboat resembles the ancient steamships. This combined with the country music playing on boards makes your voyage memorable. Book for dinner and the show package a day before for proper reservation.

At night, the beautiful city scenery can be captured at different points. One is to pass under the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge. Here, you get a magnificent view of the river and the long boat’s fleet. Having a camera will make you capture this experience of the city well.

The Belle Meade Plantation

This old Southern mansion is a short distance from where the city center is. Its architecture captures the Greek-Revival style. The beauty of this place is that there are guided tours present. This assures you of learning a lot about the place.

Adjacent to the mansion, several other smaller buildings share the same design and history. You will enjoy the extensive background gardens for your picnic.

As you think of places to tour while in Tennessee, drop by Nashville and there will be no regrets. The rich tradition of music and ancient buildings, sceneries name it all will offer a nice experience. All you need is a plan on how to begin and end the tour. This makes your bookings even more successful.