Golf Club
Golfing is a precise sport. A golfer has to be exact about everything relating to the game of golf. From picking the best senior golf clubs to having the proper stance and strokes, a golfer has to carefully consider his choices in order to make the right choices. For example, when shooting on the teeing ground or fairway, a golfer needs to use the “full swing” stroke to create the optimum distance.

It would not fare well if a “3/4 swing” stroke, which one should use for medium or long distances is used on a fairway. As such, picking the right equipment is also very essential, especially when selecting golf clubs.

The Critical Parts of A Golf Club

When picking golfing equipment, the golf club is the most critical golfing tool. It has five different parts, which, when combined, form a golf club.

The parts include:

The Shaft is a narrow tube of metal that makes up most of the part of the club. A golf club shaft usually measures half an inch or twelve millimeters in diameters, thirty-five to forty-eight inches in length, and is located near the golf club's grip. The shaft is considered a very crucial part of the club and can be likened to be the engine of the golf club. It comes in different flex selections which can be uniquely matched to a golfer’s game. The flex selections include Extra Stiff, Stiff, Regular, Senior, and Lady.

 Each flex is chosen according to the preference of the player.
  • The Grip; as the name implies, is the part of the golf club that is held onto by the golfer while swinging.
  • The Hosel; is the part that joins the shaft and the clubhead together. The Hosel allows the golfer to recognize the golf club's balance and power, which makes it a very important part of the club.
  • The Clubhead; is the part that hits the golf ball after a swing has been taken. A golf club is just an incredibly nice stick without the club head.
  • The Ferrule; is the decorative trim ring that is placed on top of the hosel. It is usually black and can be the simplest part of a golf club.
When selecting golf clubs, it is advised to pick golf clubs that are suitable for your age, check out the PGAtour for more information about doing so. Senior and intermediate golf players are more likely to use Senior golf clubs than newbies.

What is a Senior Golf Club?

A Senior golf club is a club that is equipped with a Senior shaft flex. The flex of a golf shaft is almost as necessary as a club head. Usually, Senior and Regular flex shafts are used by aging or slower swinging golf players.

This is mostly because the lightweight graphite used to make the golf club's shaft compensates for the slower swinging speed of the player.

When buying a Senior Golf Club, there are a lot of things to take note of. The first thing to consider is if you need a Senior Club. How do you know if you need a senior golf club instead of a stiff or regular one?

To know if you really need a Senior golf club instead of a regular one, you should consider your swing speed.

If your swing speed is between 75 mph - 85 mph, you most definitely want to consider going for a Senior Club. The Senior Club adds an extra distance to your swinging average, giving you an added advantage on the golf course. It also increases the distance to the average 200 - 225 yards.

However, if your swing speed is between 85mph -100mph, you don’t really need a Senior golf club. Instead, it would help if you went for a regular club.

What is then the difference between a regular golf club and a senior golf club?

The difference is that senior golf clubs were made for golfers who swing between 75 mph - 85mph and have a driver of 180-200 yards.

Regular golf clubs were made for golfers who swing between 85 mph -100 mph and have a driver of 200 – 240 yards.

Another difference between them is that Senior golf clubs have more flexible shafts than regular golf clubs. A stiff shaft will cause you to lose distance, while a flexible shaft will boost your shots.

When buying your Senior golf clubs, you should put the following into consideration:

Weight of the Shaft

When buying a senior golf club, you should consider the weight of the shaft. This is one of the reasons why lighter graphite shafts are used. The shaft itself should not be more than 60 grams in weight. The lightweight composition improves speed and makes it easier to hit.

Shaft Design

The length and weight distribution of the shaft should be considered as it plays an important role in boosting accuracy and swing speed. Because of this, it is better to choose golf clubs that are designed with greater weight in the shaft grip. When determining length, adding an extra 1 or 2 inches is bound to increase your swing speed, power, and width.

Shaft Flex

As stated earlier, a flexible shaft makes it easier for you to build greater power and speed. So it is better to skip the ones with stiff shaft flexes and go for the ones with more bend.

Club head Loft

As a senior golfer or a slow swinger, you need a high-degree clubhead loft to help your shots swinger higher and gain more distance. This is because a club head loft has a direct impact on the launch angle of your drive. And the angle of launch, in turn, affects the distance your golf ball travels. You would be better off picking a golf club with a loft of at least 15 degrees to improve your game.

The golf club is critical to a golfer. Choosing the right type of club to use and knowing how to use it is equally very important. These are are a few tips to help you get up to speed on the game of golf.