Modern-day science comes with many new inventions and the hoverboard is one of them, Hoverboard is simply a two wheel electric scooter, which is an alternative to walking. Since its invention, the Hover-board has always managed itself to be in the limelight.  As it is considered a proper vehicle, So there are laws for this.  The laws vary upon countries and in this article, we will be discussing some of the top countries which have introduced laws for using a hoverboard.

Is Hoverboard banned?

This simple answer to this question is No but in terms, it is complicated to say, that this device is legal to operate completely.  In the US the hoverboards are allowed on private property, which means you can use them in your house, or any property you own. The product is completely banned to use on public property, which means if you are using this on the roads, malls, or parks you can be fined.

Is it easy to buy a hoverboard?

You can easily get this vehicle from your local market or can even buy this online through amazon.  Many vendors have started to manufacture this product because of the high demand. It becomes difficult for a new user to choose among the products. For this, we have created a list of best hoverboards under 150 dollars in this article.

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Hoverboard laws in California

In California, the use of hoverboard is prohibited on highways when the driver is affected by alcohol or drugs. The new law in California also includes wearing helmets when riding a hoverboard on highways, sidewalks, bike paths, public trails, or bikeways. And to use the hoverboard, the driver must be at least 16 years old. Children under 16 are not allowed to ride a hoverboard on roads. The hoverboards must include safety resources and must integrate the law to restrict the speed. Hoverboards are strictly prohibited on airplanes. Many airlines such as American, Delta, and United have banned hoverboards on flights, even in luggage. This is because the high-wattage lithium batteries used in hoverboard can cause spark and fire in the baggage compartment of the planes. People that are injured by the hoverboard at a job will get benefit from California's worker compensation system.

Hoverboard laws in the UK

In the UK the use of hover boards is legal as long as the safety equipment measures are being met. Many companies have created Segway products that lack good quality. Such are made of poor quality material and catch fire, sometimes it even explodes. However, the makers of hoverboards have fixed these products and they are eliminating products that don't abide by the regulations. To use a hoverboard, you need to guarantee a legal and safe product. Individuals can't use this product on roads, highways, or any crowded public place. This is because it may explode or catch fire that can cause harm to the surrounding people. For any vehicle which is used in the UK, the user has to be insured and licensed along with the vehicle. So, the hoverboard must be road legal.

Hoverboard laws in Ontario

Hoverboards are legal in Canada, but with some regulations. The hoverboards are legal in Canada and they can be imported and sold without any problem. The laws or hoverboards are based on each province's regulations. In Ontario, it is illegal to ride a hoverboard on road. Because it is noted that the hoverboards don't contain the required safety measure for on-road use. Hoverboards have also been banned to be brought on airplanes and are banned by several airlines. Riding hoverboards on private property is completely legal, but you cannot ride it outside. It may catch fire and can also explode, which is why it doesn't have a guarantee.

Hoverboard laws in Florida

In Florida, if the hoverboard is electrical without handles, it would fall under Florida's law of EPAD's. Such hoverboards in Florida are allowed on a road with a speed limit of 25 miles per hour. You can ride a hoverboard on a marked bicycle path or on any road or street where only bicycles are allowed. However, if the user is under the age of 16, he must wear a helmet and other safety equipment to abide by the regulations. The hoverboards are restricted in public places because they can catch fire and can even explode, causing harm to people.

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