Cars for Body Kit

If you’re looking to muscle up your ride, now might be the best time to do it. We know you’ve been saving up for those badass kits so go get them already! Who would stop a man to achieve his dream car, right? Whether you’re looking to beef it up with sleek fenders, change your car paint into a shiny and unique car wrap from Remix Wraps, aerodynamic spoilers, or aggressive-looking bumpers, there’s no doubt they’re all worth your money and effort.

But we hate to be a buzzkill right now. We’re gonna say it anyway: not all cars are perfect for customization. Meaning they were just not built for it. You might want to do some research first to find out if your car is customizable.

On the other hand, there are models which are the best ones to tinker with. And in this piece, we’re going to layout those cars. If you see your ride here, you’re lucky! Because you can contact your preferred shop right away to set up an appointment.

Ford Mustang

Mustang, as it is, is already sleek and stylish. There’s no doubt about that. But you could still enhance it even more to suit your preferences. You can either tinker with its style or its performance, or even both!

Ford made it sure that their Mustangs will be the favourite of car heads for its upgradeability. Which only means that this automobile giant really understands what it’s like to be an enthusiast.

If you drive a Ford Mustang, the ROUSH R8 Aero kit is probably the best body kit for this car model. The Valance Aero Foil in this kit will certainly make your ride racetrack-ready. The best thing about it is that you can mix and match the diffusers, scoops, and spoilers according to your preferences.

Toyota 86

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Australian roads are always filled with the Toyota 86. We just love that car so much. And if you’ll look even closer, you’ll notice that most of these cars are customized to make it look even more aggressive.

Probably the reason why the Toyota 86 is so famous here in Australia is because it’s on the affordable range. But make no mistake, it may be cheaper than most luxury cars but this model is a fast car at its core.

And if it's a speedy car, it has to look like one. The Toyota 86 deserves some style upgrade like the Rocket Bunny Kit. But if you want a classier take, then a Tommy Kaira is what you need.

Volkswagen Golf Mk 7

If you’re just a neophyte in the scene, having a Volkswagen Golf Mk 7 in your garage will help to get you started with car customization. That’s because this Volkswagen, with the right kit, can jump from being elegant to sporty without skipping a beat.

But if you’re going to ask us, ASPEC PPV400 is probably the best kit for your Golf Mk 7. It provides the muscles, paired with an improved road stability.

Mazda MX-5 Miata

Mazda MX-5 Miata is probably one of the most remodeled cars in the industry. It may be small, but its potential style and performance is limitless. If we’re talking about performance, it could go shoulder-to-shoulder with other sports cars in any challenging course like the autocross or even drift tracks.

To match its superb performance, you can install the Mazdaspeed body kit on this car. This body kit is such a show-off that it will leave a huge impression, making you forget how small the Mazda MX-5 Miata really is.

Honda Civic

Honda Civic is also one of the best car models to get you introduced in the custom car scene. The Civic is simple yet stylish but can be improved in a lot of ways.

The Honda Civic Type R specifically is easy to tinker with so you can just bring it to any of your trusted shops and they’d already know what to do. Just tell them your preferences.

The car models listed above will certainly look best in a body kit. If you have at least one of these in your garage, go get the phone and give the best shop in town a ring. Because it’s time for some remodeling.

If you don't have the kits yet, don’t worry, our guys at Ausbody Works can provide you the pieces that you need. They got a great collection of body kits and other accessories that will smarten up your car. Just link up with them and tell your style preferences. Whatever vibe you’re going for, they have the kits to match that. That’s for sure.