Top X Growth Managers

2024 is the year of Growth managers. Examining the various obstacles and emerging opportunities in 2024 gave us insight into the innovations we need to imbibe in our current system of operating organizations to achieve the best output.

The existence of prominent Growth Managers is a beneficial investment that companies make as they examine every function of the marketing funnel, implement quick and sustainable strategies, and make every possible effort to win and maintain customers.

Growth Management works on experimentation and an "out of the box" thinking process that sets you apart from your competitors. The following are a few experiments and analysis efforts that growth managers try while testing for the best results.:
  • A/B testing
  • Test incremental updates that affect the conversion rate
  • Improve customer engagement and conversion metrics
  • Update a creative copy
  • Build referral programs
  • Optimize email nurture campaigns
  • Overhaul paid social media strategy
Growth Managers help your business

How Growth Managers Help Your Business

If you have a good brand guideline and an established product in the market, Growth Marketers help you develop a marketing discipline to support your business in the following ways:

1. Increase profits.

Revenue is the ultimate objective of every enterprise without increasing customer churn or mitigating a customer's LTV (lifetime value). Instead of placing encumbering expenses on the business, Growth Managers help enhance revenue by initiating new sources.

2. Acquire new customers.

Growth Managers help you acquire new customers through improved SEO, Gated Content, free trial periods, robust referral programs, and an efficient social media campaign. They deep-dive into customer data, rely on copywriters, graphic designers, and developers to assist strategies, and refresh business strategies to acquire and retain maximum customers.

3. Increase awareness.

Growth Managers are data-centric, and they help you broaden your brand awareness to entertain, inform, and educate your audience.

The Recommended Skillset of a Growth Manager

1. Creative.

Growth managers have an innate capability of recognizing vital creative elements and have the potential to deliver actionable feedback on how to improve strategies.

2. Data-driven.

Growth managers rely on customer data rather than their intuition, especially when onboarding new customers. They will consider relevant metrics like the customer's LTV, CA—Customer acquisition Cost, the conversion rate of an established business, Return on Investments, customer retention rates, Email and SMS rates, subscription rates, and Content performance measurements.

3. They can execute many tasks.

A growth manager focuses on optimization and looks down at the top of the funnel. They will holistically consider each channel and be able to convert them into customer acquisition and retention with conviction.

4. Customer-centric.

Growth Managers focus on short and long-term goals and, eventually, on end customers to achieve sustainable growth. The customer is always at the top of his mind.

5. Business and product-focused.

The efforts of a growth marketer ultimately affect each function of the enterprise – whether it's customer satisfaction or applying lucrative marketing strategies.

6. Forward-thinking.

Growth managers think ahead of trends, and they are far-sighted and consider years down the line for any organization when making decisions around building a strategy and execution.

Top 10 Growth Managers to Pay Attention to in 2024

#1 Bruno Estrella

"Growth marketing is the combination of marketing and science. It's a scientific approach to validating marketing assumptions directly impacting the company's bottom line."

Bruno Estrella is a world-renowned Senior Growth Manager who owns oversees organic growth at Webflow. He is highly analytical, understands marketing channels/strategies, and uses the scientific method to validate assumptions. He generally relies on one specific metric that directly impacts the company's bottom line.

#2 Anastasia Masters

"GrowthHackers is one of the most engaged, tight-knit communities I'm a part of. Whenever I sign on to the platform, I learn something new on marketing, text, growth, or more."

She is the former Content Marketing Specialist at G2 and is stringently focused on social media marketing.

#3 Andrew Capland

"Being part of the GH community is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest growth industry news, tactics, and frameworks from folks in the trenches."

He is the Head of Growth at Postscript and has more than 13 years of experience working. He defines himself as a growth professional with a marketing and product management background.

#4 Benji Hyam

"GrowhHackers is one of the best communities for marketers to find quality content shared by marketers worldwide. I've been a contributor and one of the biggest consumers. And I wish more marketers dip their toes into this 'gold' community."

Benji, the co-founder of Grow and Convert, is responsible for the growth side. He helps companies drive traffic to posts, produce content, create their strategy, and convert traffic to qualified leads.

#5 Louis-Xavier Lavallée

"To interact with like-minded people and to improve your skills continuously. That's important because developing your expertise as a growth practitioner comes down to "reps and sets.""

She is helping companies that use their content to improve user experience and conversion rates.

#6 Ihor Feoktistov

"GH community is a great space for fresh insights, new ideas, and practical tactics. It's also a great place to share knowledge with like-minded people and grow together. I love the vibe inside the platform."

Ihor is the co-founder and CTO of Relevant Software, and he helps businesses to build the right software products and assemble senior software development teams.

#7 Ilya Azovtsev

"There are millions of articles about growth. But the problem is to find the best. Growth Hackers community is a brilliant place to find only the top-quality content."

Ilya is a Growth Marketer at Lemlist, and he defines himself as a T-shaped digital marketer who has made many pivots during his career.

#8 Jack Paxton

"GrowthHackers community is a top source of information on the latest growth marketing trends! I enjoy snooping through trending user-generated content for the next valuable article. If you have any questions or knowledge, the GH community is a place to be."

Jack helps you scale your business and increase customer acquisition with paid ads. He is one of the most engaged GrowthHackers users and is known for publishing great content.

#9 Jim Huffman

"The GH community is a secret weapon for growth leaders. As a growth marketer, it has become my go-to for researching innovative growth tactics and discussing growth case studies. It's become an extension of my growth team."

Jim Huffman is the author of The Growth Marketer's Playbook. He is an international speaker who has led growth workshops at Fortune 500 brands.

#10 Matthew Howells-Barby

"Main reasons why I'd recommend being part of the GH community are:

Matt has built his career on driving results by focusing on several emerging trends.

Investing in Growth Managers in investing in a long-term business that generates happy and satisfied consumers. They have the potential to find the most reasonable way to reach your desired audience.

Growth managers are your business's all-star players. They use iterative testing, data-backed insights, and statistical modeling across every core function.