How to do It?

Many of us find the idea of working in another country appealing. Experiences such as this make sense for various reasons. It can be an excellent chance to make premium contacts from other areas in your industry. Learning how systems work in different places will allow learning from each other and better professional development. We are not mentioning the chance for personal growth, experiencing how to engage with new cultures and languages, and experiencing places unlike home. If you are lucky enough to have the right and the opportunity to work abroad, you should grasp that chance with both hands; here is how to do it.

How to Get in?

For most of us, visiting overseas is an experience we have as tourists. However, a tourist visa has specific restrictions. For starters, a tourist cannot work or earn money while in the country. You are also limited in the length of stay you are permitted to have; three months is typical for a tourist visa.

Work Permit or Visa

Given that the tourist visa is not applicable, you will need to obtain a work permit or visa (either temporary or permanent). For most places, various conditions are attached to being granted a work permit. You often require having a job that offers a certain level of salary. Alternatively, you should be qualified for a job the host country is experiencing a shortage of. Many countries publish these lists on government websites and offer financial incentives to move.


If you are lucky enough to be entitled to citizenship, then it can make moving to another country simpler. You will also benefit from all the advantages that other citizens enjoy, such as healthcare and social security benefits. There are a few different ways of gaining citizenship. Look at this example of how to obtain Irish Citizenship. But most countries have similar rules. The most obvious route is if you were born in the country, but that only works for a small number of us. Alternatively, you could qualify through residency; if you have lived and worked in the country for a specific time, you might be able to gain citizenship. You can also apply through ancestry; if you have ancestors of the host country's nationality, going back to grandparents, then you can gain citizenship this way. It might even be that the country of your new citizenship offers you more than your current one, in which case you might want to look into, say, us citizenship renunciation and declare yourself a citizen of just your new home.


Money talks, as the saying goes, and while there may not be an automatic right to citizenship by paying a fee, if you invest in the country, it becomes much easier. Few countries will deny a wealthy investor from setting up a business and creating jobs on their shores. As the owner and possible managing director of such a company, you are creating a lot of investment and bringing in taxes. You should be able to get a work permit without any issues.

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