Immigration Law

Immigration law is very complicated. Every country has a set of rules that determine who and how people can get into and stay in their country. Immigration law also covers deportation. A country has the right to expel you if you break any core rules as a foreigner.

Living in a foreign country is not easy. Most of the time, you have to explain and have proof of why you want to live in a particular country. Immigration law can be broken into three main categories:
  • Family-based immigration
  • Humanitarian immigration
  • Employment-based immigration
It is important to note that some countries such as the United States, there is a limit to how many immigrants can get into the country in each category mentioned above. America, for a long time, has been known to be welcoming to immigrants from all over the world. However, things have been made more difficult today by the current administration.

It is not only getting into the United States that has been made harder but qualifying to stay in the country as well. If you are an undocumented immigrant living in Stockton, California, it is necessary today more than ever to seek counsel from an immigration lawyer. You can get an immigration attorney stockton ca. from the Ranchod Law Group.

Immigrants are a big part of America’s economy; that is why the Obama administration established the DACA program. The city of Stockton has remained firm in defending this program for all immigrants living in the city who are under the program. Being under the protection of DACA requires you to reapply for papers so you can be legal.

You can reach out to Ranchod Law Group to get an immigration attorney Stockton Ca. to help you with the application process and any other paperwork that is needed. Immigration lawyers are there to help you with such issues in addition to helping you understand the legal situation as well.

It can be lonely living in a foreign country alone without your spouse and children. It is also sad to see them be deported back home; not knowing what awaits them there. Family-based immigration is the most common. It requires the member of your family living in a foreign country to be legal or rather to have the proper documents so that the rest of the family can follow.

If it is a work permit you need, you should know that the U.S allows for both temporary and permanent placement for employees. The limit is much less at 140,000 work visas issued to immigrants depending on the skill set they have.

Cases of political asylum, gender-based violence, and refugees fall under humanitarian immigration law. If you fall under any of the categories mentioned, then you need to see an experienced lawyer who will help you understand your options.

With the many changes happening in immigration laws today in America, it can be hard for you to keep up. It is always best to seek guidance from a qualified immigration attorney to understand your legal status in the country.