Anxiety is a natural feeling during times of stress. Whether you’re experiencing stress from work or due to home life, or you’re dealing with inner turmoil and conflict, tension can become toxic over time. When focusing on health in the New Year, meditation, yoga, and CBD infused edibles can do wonders for the body.

Natural Ways to Reduce Stress

To focus on here and now without worrying about the future, reducing stress is crucial. When the stress hormone, cortisol, is kicked into overdrive, many of us can become impulsive. Since quick decisions are not always the right decisions, giving the body and mind time to pause is important.


Meditation is one way to pause the mind. There are many ways meditation can be practiced and what works best for one person may not work for another. The effects of meditation on the mind can actually be felt in the body. When the mind is calm, you’ll notice a decrease in heart rate and blood pressure.

Many people feel that mediation requires a lot of hard work. While it does take some focus, the time your mind spends away from itself is actually incredibly rejuvenating.

Meditation can be done sitting upright in a chair or on the floor. It can also be practiced lying down or even walking. By focusing the mind on small details such as the noise of a ceiling fan or the softness of a scrap of fabric, the mind can quiet excess worries. Meditation can also involve chanting or guided stories. Depending on the level of experience, some people may prefer guided meditation when just starting out.


Yoga is an excellent way for body and mind to work together to find wellness. By practicing specific poses, the body can bend in a rhythmic way that matches the breath. Beginning yoga may look very different than an advanced type of yoga, but they essentially focus on the same issue: the mind and body experience. Through stretches that combine timed breathing or a pattern of movement, the practice can become hypnotic.

There are several kinds of yoga that can be practiced on a daily basis. Some involve extreme stretches, while others involve a heated environment. Hot yoga has become a popular style of yoga that involves special attention to muscles and the hydration process. Other styles include water yoga and yoga that focuses primarily on the breath.

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are another natural way to ease stress and relax the mind. Enjoy a curated selection of cannabis fruit chews in flavors like strawberry and dragon fruit from a top-quality producer of cannabis edibles and the experience will provide a calm sense of relaxation — without the high of THC.

The cannabis plant has long been known for its medicinal purposes. While CBD does not provide an extreme high, it does calm the body and mind. Many people who use CBD edibles find the experience to be a gentle way to ease away the stresses of the day.

If you love tea, why not combine the best of both worlds with internationally-sourced high-end CBD infused tea blends that provide a flavorful and run evening of relaxation.CBD infused cannabis edibles can reduce stress in the following ways:

·         They ease tension in the body

·         They calm the mind

·         They reduce insomnia and other sleeping difficulties

·         They create a sense of peace

Rather than taking over-the-counter pain relievers or pain medication, CBD is often thought of as a natural way to help alleviate discomfort.

Getting rid of stress is not a one-time activity. By putting in the time and dedicating yourself to certain practices and products, you can achieve wellbeing and reduce anxiety levels overall. What better way to start 2021?