Uyiosa Desmond Abifade
- Growing up in the London it is almost certain the odds are against a young black man. In the case of Uyiosa Desmond Abifade he made early life mistakes however he did not let those mistakes shape his future. 

From a catholic background and successfully finishing high school at St.Bonaventures catholic all boys school, Uyiosa Desmond Abifade was determined to create a better life for him and his family. 
He graduated from Coventry University in flying colours with a Upper second class in Sport and Business Management. 

Fast forward to today he has launched a technology accessories company. Selling some of the latest technology accessories in the world. Sometimes life throws huge challenges your way, whether it’s a deadly illness or having to survive with no job or family to support you. 

He was invited to speak at an academy of teenagers to share some insight on how to stay motivated and ways to overcome obstacles . He even shared some jokes with the kids which showed a great display of his down to earth personality .


Desmond Abifade had unbelievable obstacles to face but overcame them and has gone on to do amazing things. There is no doubt he is an inspiration and a public figure people can look up to. You may have heard of his story you may have not. 

But, one thing’s for sure—he is truly inspiring and we could learn a thing or two about perseverance from him.