Idea for a dollar, exhaust for a million

Until recently, it seemed that Instagram would never give up its throne as a top platform for short videos, streams and sketches. The king is dead, hello the king?

Be that as it may, the popularity of the TikTok service seems to have reached its climax, so if you are just joining a new wave of hype, catch a few tips & ticks to upgrade your account.

Excursion to TikTok

 TikTok is a Chinese mobile app for publishing ultra-short videos 5 seconds, but the platform allows you to publish two-minute videos.

The format is as entertaining and absurd as possible - this, by the way, is the main difference from Instagram, where they try to publish more meaningful content and everyday stories.

But precisely due to its brevity (even registration is not needed) and the status of a platform for crazy bloggers, TikTok has gained just wild popularity among young people.

The global daily audience of the application has already exceeded 500 million people. In Russia, almost 18 million people launch the application every day. Distribution by gender - Women - 60%, men - 40%. Almost half of TikTok users in our country are children (under 18).

I'm ready to be a TikTok star

How does Tik Tok promotion work? There are several ways, we have distributed them according to efficiency (speed of recruiting subscribers) in descending order. They will help you with mass following for TikTok

1. Promotion services

The easiest and most effective way to increase your popularity and gain a large subscriber base is to contact cheat services and buy tiktok followers.

The price is usually no more than 15 cents for a new subscriber, while everything works in automatic mode. A very effective method, especially for the first time

2. Video with WOW effect

It is unlikely that your grandmother's knitting video will be of interest to the main audience of TikTok. There is a funny tendency in the application - the more meaningless the message of your video is, the more chances it will go viral. So feel free to shoot shocking and hilarious content that can have a wow effect. TikTok loves experiments.

3. Using popular tracks

How to get into recommendations in tik tok if you are not popular in 5 minutes? There is one interesting hint for this - the musical background for the video clip is accompanied by some hype track at the moment. Such content is more likely to be included in recommendations and more likely to find a new audience

4. Using hashtags

Be in trend, tag your videos with viral hashtags, take part in various challenges - maximum interactivity in your account

5. Comments under the popular video

Excessive activity will only benefit you. Shine wherever possible. Yes, in popular videos under tens of thousands of comments it will be difficult to be noticed, but theoretically your comment can "shoot".

6. Mutual subscription

Everything is logical here - subscriptions to other users can initiate a reciprocal subscription, at least a person can look at your profile for the sake of interest, and there it is already not far from likes with reposts

Is it possible to sell in TikTok?

If we are to draw parallels with Instagram to the end, then we cannot fail to mention the monetization of your content through advertising integrations, or the promotion of your own product.

It is a huge misconception to think that TikTok is interesting only to raging teenagers who are always floating around the streets and bars - there is also quite “adult” content with consultations or legal assistance with millions of accounts.

TikTok advertises training courses, banking products, free2play mobile games, mobile applications, cases for smartphones, headphones, jewelry and bijouterie.

In this social network, the colorfulness of the picture and the minimum of information in the preview are extremely important - the visualization of the promoted product should be in the first place.

Targeted advertising is just as relevant here, but to a lesser extent than on other platforms - the spread of users is too large - you will need to take care of delivery throughout USA.