Internal medicine in Lima, OH, is on another level at GI Physicians Inc. The practice hosts a team of competent gastroenterological experts who have what it takes to respond to all your abdominal pain and gastrointestinal inconveniences. Book an appointment today for a personalized treatment solution.

About Practice

At GI Physicians Inc., a gastroenterologist team combines experience with compassionate care to give you the best possible experience. At their offices in Lima, the experts regularly treat several gastrointestinal health issues to improve your health.

Your skillful practitioners at the practice have over two decades of experience attending to patients struggling with gastrointestinal complications. Together, they have conducted over 55,000 successful procedures to give patients relief and safeguard long-term health.

They bring a conservative approach, protecting you from unnecessary procedures. The gastroenterological specialists' team regularly addresses many causes of abdominal pain, such as irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. Conditions like hemorrhoids and acid reflux disease are also addressed.

Their diagnostic skills ensure that you get full knowledge of what is ailing you while helping the team of experts apply the most precise, efficient treatment possible. They also provide colonoscopies and other endoscopic care, allowing them to diagnose conditions and screen their patients for colon cancer.

Available Services

Your providers at GI Physicians, Inc. offer multiple treatment options for your wellbeing. Contact the specialists to receive top-notch solutions such as:

  • Hemorrhoids Specialist- Do you experience swelling or discomforts around your anal opening? You don't have to live with such inconveniences. Contact GI Physicians Inc. for an expert diagnosis and treatment of hemorrhoids.
  • Colonoscopy Specialist- Colon cancer prevention is necessary for lifelong wellbeing. Whether you are after diagnosis or protected from colon cancer, a colonoscopy is a viable alternative. Contact GI Physicians, Inc, to schedule a colonoscopy consultation.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome Specialist- A vast majority suffer from IBS. If you also have this complication, you might benefit from a gastroenterological treatment at GI Physicians, Inc. If you experience irritable bowel syndrome, do not hesitate to consult the specialists for a comprehensive treatment solution.
  • Colon Cancer Screening Specialist- At fifty years of age, it is about time you start screening regularly for colon cancer. If you seek this treatment, make your colon cancer screening convenient and comfortable at GI Physicians, Inc.
  • Abdominal Pain Specialist- Since stomach aches are common, most individuals may think abdominal pain is no cause for worry. However, this is far from the truth, much so when it interrupts your daily activities. Contact the experts at GI Physicians Inc. for diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of abdominal pain.
  • Constipation Specialist- Although constipation is normal every once in a while, in persistence, you will do well to seek expert care for long-term relief. Your expert at GI Physicians, Inc. regularly helps patients identify the cause of chronic constipation and offer relief. Call today to normalize your bowel movements.
  • Endoscopy Specialist- Whenever complications arise in your stomach and intestines, finding relief straight away is most crucial. Ven Kottapalli, MD, CNSP, and other professionals at GI Physicians Inc. provide endoscopic procedures to help you find answers and solutions to your condition.
To understand and take advantage of the zealous, experienced care available at GI Physicians Inc., book an appointment with their skilled team. Schedule an appointment or call the offices today.