Mining is one of Western Australia’s most valuable and profitable industries, and many mining companies are looking to add to their workforce via mining employment agencies. For those interested, mining can lead to an incredibly rewarding career opportunity. There are many advantages and benefits of FIFO Jobs and we’re going to break down why it might be the career choice for you.

What is FIFO work?

FIFO work

FIFO, which stands for fly in fly out, is where workers are brought to a site for the length of their work roster. The site will provide the workers with accommodation, meals and recreational facilities.

FIFO workers fly to these rural areas rich in natural resources to complete the work, before flying home when the job is done.

Rosters can range from eight days on with six days off or other shift splits like 9/5, 14/7 14/14 or even four weeks on one week off.

The Benefits of FIFO Work

thanks to mineral-rich land in Western Australia, a significant majority of mining sites across the country are located here in the state. That is why it is not surprising that there’s continued interest and an uptick in FIFO jobs WA searches. Working in a thriving industry offers plenty of advantages. Here is just a few to list:

Competitive Pay

FIFO workers in Western Australia can earn up to $250,000 in positions such as civil and mechanical engineering. Other professions such as geologists, geophysicists and heavy machinery operators can earn as much as $200,000. In general, miners can earn an average wage of about 124,000 but these figures can easily increase with relevant training, certifications and experience, all of which are made available to workers on site.

Financial Security

Even for those that lack any previous experience in the mining industry, its very possible for you to get work with the right mix of skills.

Because of the remote work and specialised nature of the job, even roles with lesser experience or qualifications still receive a very competitive salary with a reliable and steady income, allowing you to save money for a more stable financial future.

Rest and Relaxation-Long breaks

Whilst it is true that FIFO jobs require you to work long hours-often 12 hour or more days, the rewards for such work mean long rest periods that allow you to rest and recharge at home. Commonly, mining companies tend to give workers swings of periods or work and periods at home, often schedules like two weeks on and one week off. Having this long rest period means workers can relax with family, work on their hobbies or just spend time friends.

The Travel Benefits

When you are working a FIFO job in the mining industry, it means you can live and travel anywhere, that is what the FIFO life is all about. Mining companies are always willing to send workers to any location where valuable skills are required.

Employees who work in a remote area away from their usual place of residence may also be eligible to salary package the cost of airfares to and from, with the fly in fly out benefit.

To attract highly-skilled workers, mining companies are often willing to fly employees to mine sites from a range of locations. This is more so the case in boom times.

But, in general, working FIFO means that even if you change mining jobs, you probably won’t have to relocate your family or move away from home.

On-site Benefits

Mining contractors make a great effort to ensure top notch facilities are provided for their workers on site. It is common that you will find top of the line fitness and recreational facilities in mining sites, along with great quality food options.

These facilities are provided with the overall goals of ensuring the mental and physical well-being of all FIFO workers. A bonus of this is that workers can save money using these provided facilities, that you would otherwise have to pay for at home.

FIFO job contracts also come with accommodation and daily meals. Labourers who like the sense of routine will be able to adjust to life near the mine. Entire villages have been built around the FIFO way of life, and the mining site may be within access to utilities, adequate healthcare services, and even its fair share of nearby restaurants, pubs, and entertainment centres.

Easy Job Changes

As a FIFO worker, it is also much easier to change jobs or roles because there is minimal disruption to your family or personal life. For example, when your current project ends, you can easily switch FIFO jobs or assignments easily and without hassle. FIFO work arrangements are more flexible by nature.

Learning Opportunities are Easy to Come by

Working on site, you are given the opportunity to learn about other roles in the mining industry. This is made easier as you meet and talk to other employees on site, in both different departments and different companies.

You will be working in close quarters with different professionals, allowing you to easily broaden your horizons. You will also develop valuable friendships with your fellow FIFO workers, as relationships are more easily formed working and living together closely.

Help Contribute to the Economy

Working mining employment in Australia gives you the opportunity to contribute to something, the growth and prosperity of WA and Australia as a whole. Mining work entails acquiring raw materials that are essential to every sector of the economy, meaning your job and work directly helps to stimulate the economic growth of Australia.

Change Your Life and Find Fulfillment

For many workers in mining jobs, FIFO has given them a chance at a better future. Not just by being able to afford certain luxuries, but by providing financial security and a steppingstone into finally being able to settle down with family and buy their first home.

If you have been looking for a fulfilling and well-paying job, you might want to consider the mining industry. Regardless of the specific position you are aiming for, you are sure to enjoy numerous long-term benefits and a career that will challenge and reward you for hard work.