Career Placement Sites
There are several sites these days where you can create a resume, post it, and try to find yourself a position. At the same time, companies are active on these same websites. If you’re lucky, you can either find a job or locate the ideal candidate in record time.

The days of pounding the pavement attempting to find work are over. In some niches, the digital world is where you can go through the entire job hunting and hiring process. You can interview online, and you might even be able to start working from home without ever meeting new employer face-to-face.

In this article, we’ll talk about one of the websites where you can either find work or locate the new employees you need. We’ll also talk about the niches this site benefits the most.

The Career Group Companies Site

The Career Group Companies website has four divisions: Career Group, Syndicatebleu, Fourth Floor, and CGSearch. This is a destination where you can sign up and job hunt, and also find new employees. You can hire either temporarily or you can fill permanent positions.

You can find creative designer work or just about anything else there. The site vets the people that sign up, so if you’re an employer looking to hire, you should have a talented roster of individuals among whom you can pick and choose.

The site says they’re looking for innovation, expertise, and vision. If you can get that from your new employees, your company should be well-positioned to succeed.

The Vetting Method

There are plenty of sites like Indeed or Monster where you can post your resume and hope for the best. Companies do hire lots of people that way.

Some would-be employers are a little wary of those sites, though, because the candidates can embellish on their resumes. They’re counting on the sites not vetting their credentials thoroughly.

The Career Group Companies site uses industry-savvy experts. They look at the latest industry trends and developments. Then, they use that knowledge to identify top-tier candidates based on each portfolio that they peruse.

By the time the site tries to match up candidates and those who are hiring, would-be employers can be confident they’re getting the best workers available.

Some of the Industries the Site Serves

The Career Group Companies site has individuals looking for work in the toy manufacturing industry, travel and hospitality, technology, healthcare, and real estate. They also service the food and beverage industry, health and wellness, fashion, finance, and experimental marketing.

They service the editorial industry, consumer products, entertainment, advertising, and beauty. If you’re an employer who needs workers in any of these industries, you can check out some of the portfolios. If you’re looking for work in these areas, you can sign up as well.

Some of the Roles They Place

You can also hunt for jobs on the website according to role rather than industry. The site places web developers, UX/UI designers, social media strategists, and SEO and SEM specialists. They place project and product managers, production artists, packaging designers, and media planners and buyers.

You can also find marketing managers, marketing coordinators, and industrial designers there. There are lots more, too many to list.

As you can see, the jobs and individual skill sets tend to be both creative and modern. The businesses looking to hire are those who are probably not going to allow automation to phase these positions out any time soon. If you’re attempting to find a job that you can continue to do as this young decade progresses, this just might be the place.

If you’re looking to hire, you can read through some of the jobs posted that look similar to what you’re offering. You can see what similar positions pay and offer a competitive salary and perks that way.

As someone looking for work, you can scout the market before creating your portfolio. Based on what jobs are available within your niche, you can cater your past work experience description to emphasize particular aspects while downplaying others.

As either someone looking to hire or tracking down that new job, you’ll probably have the best luck if you sign up on multiple websites. However, a site like Career Group Companies that only has the best jobs and workers can definitely help you.

The job market has taken some serious hits in the past year, but if you’re tenacious, there’s no reason you shouldn’t find something suitable.