Shower Room Properly
Bathrooms are often described by many people as a room in your house that is full of bacterias, grime, and dirt. This is the reason why the bathroom is one of the hardest places in your house that you should clean.

Some bathrooms might smell good and look clean, but don't get deceived because if the bathroom is not fully maintained, germs and dirt will always be present. Most germs and viruses in a bathroom are found on toilets and we all know the reason why. An unclean toilet could either produce a bad odor or could be home to millions of germs that could infect you and your family.

This is why people tend to separate the toilet from where the shower is, thus creating another room in the bathroom called the shower room. A shower room can lower the chances of people getting ill and infections from different germs and viruses present in your bathroom. You can also turn that chance into zero when you clean your shower room properly.

It is where you will cleanse your body from dirt and germs so it is practical to keep it germ proof and always maintain the cleanliness of it. To get tips on how to clean your shower room, there are websites like Modern Bathroom and Shower Journal that contain helpful articles about shower bath, toilet, plumbing issues, and anything related to maintaining your shower room properly. You can also refer to this article to know 5 ways on how you can maintain your shower room.

1. Rinse down the drain

After showering, one thing that you should do to maintain the cleanliness of your shower is to rinse it. This will allow all the gunks, grimes, and fallen hairs when you take your bath down the drain and off your shower room. It will look messy and disgusting when there is a lot of hair and grime in the drain so you better pick them up or rinse them before it gets worse.

2. Add steam if possible

As expected from a shower room, there will always be areas where water will not dry instantly or a certain area where water consistently will store, thus creating that green mold called grime. Grimes is hard to clean if you don't clean them up immediately after noticing them. But if your shower produces steams, it can soften the grimes or sometimes loosen them allowing you to eradicate them and maintain your shower room.

3. Wipe your tiles and shower door

After using your shower room, make sure to wipe the tiles and the door with a microfiber towel. A microfiber towel can soak up water droplets from the shower which can prevent lint from occurring. Wiping can also prevent grimes because you can absorb all the excess water that gets stored in your tiles.

4. Leave your door open

After taking a shower, you can leave the door open for a while to let out the excess humidity from the result of your shower. Humidity can destroy your shower room by giving a chance to increase the production of molds and mildews. Humidity could also peel the painting of your ceiling creating lumps that you see on the walls and ceilings of some bathrooms.

5. Do a general cleaning every week

To ensure that you maintain your shower room properly, you can do a general cleaning once per week. Spray the walls with cleaner, wipe the tiles with a vinegar water solution, drops of tree oil, anything that can clean your shower room. And while you are at it, you can also include cleaning your entire bathroom. Wipe all the tiles, clean the grouts and take time to clean your toilet.