With a variety of tools accessible to marketers and business people to enhance their online proximity, customer influence, and brand identification, the issue always comes down to the problem regarding which tool are the best webinar platforms for marketing, and can offer the best results at the lowest possible inputs?

Article marketing has been respected as the most efficient way to make money on the internet. But due to the increase in the influence of videos and spammers using the article marketing establishment to get links to change the search engine ratings and the phenomenal growth of the webinar marketing services over the years, a lot of people have raised genuine doubts regarding the future of article marketing: is it still relevant or not?

Article marketing: definition, advantages, and disadvantages

A section of content marketing, article marketing is that variety of advertisements where companies draft and distribute definite articles to a variety of outlets such as article banks, forums, and newsletter publicists.

Its foremost objective is to obtain an enormous number of online audiences and increase the amount of sales possibilities for products or services on websites. Another primary goal of this set of marketing is to develop backlinks. 

This sort of marketing tactic can support marketers to obtain increased visitors and enhance sales on their websites. Article marketing is also one of the least costly means to publicize a company.

There are several benefits to adopting article marketing, such as:

  • Developing brand recognition - A company can use these marketing tactics to build a great connection with their readers, which they can transform into consumers if the company's articles are valuable enough for their readers.

  • Economical marketing - Article marketing is one of the few reasonable alternatives marketers practice to market their product or service. Once your article is advertised, it lingers there as long as the website is up and operating; it also gets recorded in search engines. Thus, with minimum time and effort, you succeed in accomplishing an openhanded promotion tool.

  • Articles may go viral - If a company writes a comprehensive article, it may become viral, get a ton of readers, and their site traffic would rise. An article becoming viral can generate a lot of benefits for the company when we look at the bigger picture.

While there are loads of benefits to employing article marketing, there are significant disadvantages as well:

  • Plagiarized content - if a company applies article marketing, they distribute their article to different websites. Some editors may edit the company's source case, which makes the entire article marketing ineffective for the company. The company may not get the acknowledgment and site traffic that they warrant.

  • It can be costly - a company might require a ghostwriter to assist them in writing an excellent article that would direct customers into their website. Engaging a freelancer can require the company money, particularly if they desire to hire a remarkably reliable one.

  • Time-consuming - the method of exhibiting articles to distributors can be time-consuming. The company requires planning to introduce new articles periodically and obtain time to compose and submit these pieces on time.

Webinars: what are they all about?

An online seminar is called a webinar when the material presented is normally in the structure of instruction, presentations, different visual details, and conferences. They do not need several resources to host because members do not have to travel to be a part of it. Webinars can also be taped for use later.

One of the main benefits of webinar marketing agency is the capacity to communicate with the conference. This is something that article marketing can just not do. The presenter can communicate straight with his conference. He can raise live questions, post an online questionnaire, or consensus. This association is an essential measure in establishing jurisdiction and constructing connections.

In terms of visual impression, webinars are far better than article marketing. People are more attracted to video content than to the written sheet. Brief videos have become one of the most efficient marketing means. This has been magnified by social media, where it is very simple to distribute content.

Webinars can be applied for a crowd or personal coaching. While typed directions and content are always necessary, targeted and, personal training is an improvement. Webinars provide for members to raise questions, present dilemmas, or make recommendations.


Both article marketing and webinars are great ways to pull off a great campaign. Though webinars are better than articles, the thing is a great campaign is the one which focuses on both the aspects, that is, a mix of both the tools.