Lizards aren’t the most expressive of creatures which leaves many owners wondering “how do I know if my bearded dragon likes me?”. Fortunately, bearded dragons tend to physically display how they feel about you thanks to their above-average intelligence. There are 5 common signs your bearded dragon likes you that can help. Just keep in mind that these spiky little lizards are full of personality so these signs can vary between individual lizards.

Comes to you

Dogs aren’t the only animals that get excited when their owners come home. Bearded dragons that have bonded with their owners will actively seek attention from their owners. In many cases, the bearded dragon is looking forward to having time outside of their enclosure. While your bearded dragon may not come when you call, they will acknowledge your presence or at least won’t run away when you approach them.

Relaxes when handled

Reptiles don’t have the same capacity to outwardly show affection as humans and other intelligent mammals do. Instead, one of the closest and most reliable indicators is how comfortable your bearded dragon is with you - and there’s nothing as telling as when making physical contact. 

If your bearded dragon seems calm in your grip, they can lie still for minutes at a time, won’t thrash, or otherwise show frantic movement. If your bearded didn’t like you, odds are that it would be pretty keen on getting out of your grip and hiding away in their enclosure ASAP.

Falls asleep on you

An extension of being relaxed when handled, a bearded dragon falling asleep on you is the ultimate sign of trust and being at ease in your presence. A beardie’s favorite place to cuddle up is in arms, crooks of necks, and on chests (it’s where humans emit lots of body heat). If you’re looking to build a stronger bond with one, this is a good place to start.

Eyes are dilated

Open, wide eyes with dilated pupils are one of the most reliable signs of happy bearded dragon body language. This shows that they are relaxed and interested in their surroundings without fear or anxiety. The opposite is when their pupils constrict to allow for razor-focus, usually reserved for being faced with prey or predators.

Mouth is closed and curved 

A smile is one of the most universal ways of showing happiness and is also the case with these spunky lizards. A bearded dragon smile is when their mouth is curved and most importantly closed. While their open mouth may look like they’re giving you a giant grin, it can be a sign of aggression.

Want an affectionate bearded dragon of your own?

Among reptile pets, bearded dragons are one of the most affectionate (which is one of the reasons why they’re so popular). They may be prickly on the outside, but they’re softies on the inside where it counts. If you’re ready to get one of your very own, you can easily find many bearded dragons for sale online for great deals and cool bearded dragon morphs.