Among all the clothing accessories, one is loved by many and hated by others. Each group has its arguments. Learn how to wear caps: know what type to choose and what to wear them with, following the guidelines that your store to buy sportswear online brings you in this post.

Types of caps: options for a fashion accessory

Although for a long time, caps and visors were used for sports uses or situations related to the sun and the beach, in recent years, they have been comfortably integrated into different times of the day, becoming an accessory that can add wave and freshness to men and women of all ages.

There are many options, designs, and colors. You will be amazed to see the options you can get if you visit Cap Factory. There are more informal models and others that can be added to a sleek sport style or complete an increasingly popular casual look in leather or other types of more striking or elegant fabrics or materials. You can get all kinds of caps from.

Get to know the designs and models and understand why caps have become a must-have of the urban look in the world's leading cities.

Sports caps

Associated with baseball, golf, running, and other sports, they have gained ground in sports fashion and have joined the street style with light genres and modern colors. Although it was always considered within the types of caps for men, they are a unisex accessory today.

They are characterized by their slightly curved visor, which allows you to expand the shadow area on the face and over the eyes, protected from the sun's rays that come through the sides.

It is a model that can be adjusted by velcro straps or with a buckle and can be made of different materials. Some designs have metal grommets or other features to improve ventilation. In general, they are preferably cylindrical and are usually light, soft, and washable. The most recognized brands, such as Columbia, Nike, The North Face, Adidas, Mama hat, and Salomon, , have incorporated different technologies into the caps and use fabrics and materials that add extra protection against the cold or against ultraviolet rays.

2. Flat caps: between vintage and bohemian

Soft, short, with a rigid, sharp, and soft visor, flat caps are essential to the bohemian outfit. They integrate well into the set if you wear it with a shirt, jeans, and sweater, and they are spectacularly combined with a scarf or handkerchief.

These are generally made of wool, cotton, and polyester, but more modern designs explore other fabrics and materials. If you want a vintage look, go for Scots or Plaid designs. You can use them in different colors and with beautiful embroidery, which you can get by searching for Embroidery Shops Near Me. The letters type NY, and others are classic ones that always look good. They have become one of the most famous street style models, an exponent of a relaxed and youthful look.

3. Snapback Caps

Since the leading brands added them to their collections, many wonder what snapback caps are. They are very similar to the flat ones due to their rigid visor but differ by having an adjustable clasp. They are comfortable. You can buy or give it away without measuring it because you do not have to worry about size.

4. Flat visor caps

They are not the most popular but are gaining ground among those looking for a rap style. They generally have larger than regular visors, which protrude a lot from the head.

5. Gatsby hat: the power of retro

With a raised visor and a domed and closed design, the Gatsby style is a classic among those seeking a bohemian and trendy look. Historically associated with European immigrants, it adds a retro and masculine touch that is more than elegant. Both sexes can use it and are adorable in children's changing rooms.

The most classic is made of leather or wool thread. The visor is rigid and flat cut. Its main characteristic is that it only rests slightly on the head; it does not cover it.