If you live in a big city, office space is a prerequisite for efficient business management. Before choosing your family office in Singapore you need to study the problem carefully. It is essential to consider all of the significant factors that will ensure you get lots of deals when renting office space.

factors to consider

 Here is a list of the factors to consider:

  • Pay attention to legal issues.
  • Before signing:
  • Contact an attorney who will review the lease.
  • Let him give you the details of the agreement and your rights.
  • Make sure the contract complies with local rental regulations.
  • Make sure that all of your statutory rights are protected.

The dimensions of the room

The size of the room must be specified in a written contract. The actual area determines the rental price. By comparing the usual prices per square meter for a similar job next door, you can tell if you're being overcharged. Consider your likely income, as well as your expenses, when comparing the prices of different property owners.

Get a short-term contract.

If possible, it is advisable to negotiate the shortest rental period with a new offer. That way, you can better understand your property manager before deciding whether or not to extend your tenure. It also allows you to assess the office community's business environment and assess whether it can benefit your company over time. After the lease expires, you can look for another job if you find it the most profitable.


24/7 availability. It is advisable to ensure that the contract allows you to access the office space at any time. Many aspiring business professionals are forced to work overtime and vacation. It would be best if you used your work during this time.

Maintenance bills

It would be best if you also took care of the property's maintenance costs. Sometimes maintenance costs are included in the rent, sometimes not. Your financial budget should allow you to cover these costs if you are responsible for them.

Consider security deposit

The deposit is another expense that you need to know about. The length you intend to stay there and the office's size are usually facts that the landlord takes into account when determining the expected amount of the deposit If you are a new tenant, the rent is usually one to two months. Until your manager finds out if you can pay the rent regularly, he or she will ask for a security deposit large enough to cover any damage you could suffer as a result of your leasing party's failure.

Insurance policy

Insurance Policy It is also essential to consider the insurance policies that your company should have. Although your landlord may offer standard insurance, they may not cover your office losses if you or another third party causes them. Because a real estate problem that you don't personally control can destroy your office. For example, theft, fire, water damage, and the like.

Check rental costs

Rental Costs If you plan to rent an Executive Office Suite, consider how much you will have to pay for the rental. The Executive Suites offer various features and facilities that are not found elsewhere in the same property and for which you can expect additional fees. Carefully consider whether the higher price adds enough value and a competitive advantage to your business to justify the extra cost.


Making the right decision is crucial to ensure that you can make the right decision when renting a family office in Singapore. Compare and search for the best value for money and find office space that you think will improve your overall business.