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Do you know there were 470 million from the Apple Store and 466 million downloads of educational apps through the Play Store in the first quarter of 2020? It's unbelievable! But we are not saying this; Statista already affirmed it in the past.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, there is a dramatic change in every sector. The educational sector has also got impacted, and we can see that clearly as most of the students are studying from home worldwide right now.

Kids and students need assistance while learning online. Hence, parents are hiring online tutors. If you are a parent looking for an online tutor for your kid or a student finding one for yourself, here's the checklist of seven things you should tick-off before hiring one.

1. Experience

The primary purpose of hiring an online tutor is to help kids get the right direction while gaining knowledge. Only an experienced tutor can do that. A tutor who is well-versed with the industry can assist your child on his learning path intuitively. While looking for an online tutor, you should check for his/her relevant experience in the education industry and with the particular subject. Check for factors like the total years of experience, previous platforms the tutor used to teach, and organization s/he has already worked for.

2. Flexibility

After checking for a tutor's availability, the next factor you should consider is their flexibility. For instance, online tutors on Learnigo are so flexible that your kid will feel like s/he is sitting next to the teacher and making progress! You must verify how strict the tutor is when it comes to homework deadlines or assignment submissions. Also, you have to know how flexible the tutor is to accept any queries/doubts of your kids. For this, you can contact the previous or the current students. These students can help you in knowing the mindset of an online tutor. You can know whether the tutor is rigid or easy-to-go, and accordingly, hire him/her for your kid.

3. Availability

Every student who is learning online today is struggling with new technologies and teaching tactics. Online assistance is a must to help kids learn with new modes. However, there might be possible that the availability of online tutors might be rare because of high demand. That's why, before hiring an online tutor for your kid, make sure to check his/her availability. See whether he is occupied with some batch or still has spots left to let your kid in. The online tutor must be available to students whenever required, or else what is the use of hiring one? Plus, the tutor should keep in mind and inform students about changes in the schedule, if any.
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4. Fees

Not every tutor is available, and not all are affordable. For avoiding this situation, you must establish a budget for hiring an online tutor. In most cases, parents don't do this initially and face issues later on. Defining how much you want to spend on hiring an online tutor is essential because it is a long-time commitment. What you think as a little extra today can become your most significant expenditure tomorrow. Most tutors charge on an hourly basis. So when you are traveling, you can save your bucks, and your kid can enjoy the freedom.

5. Communication Skills

As far as an online tutor can help your child polish his/her communication skills, s/he being a pro first is essential. Nine out of ten parents today are concerned about their child's language proficiency. So, the online tutor to be hired must be fluent in speaking. It is mandatory for two reasons.

A tutor's language proficiency will make him/her more compatible with teaching that particular language to your child.

Two, a tutor with excellent communication can help your child with personality development.

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6. Subject Knowledge

Parents mainly hire an online tutor to help their kids excel in a specific subject. However, if the tutor’s subject expertise is limited, the whole purpose of hiring goes into vain. Therefore, it is better to double-check whether the online tutor has relevant qualifications or not. Furthermore, you should see if s/he has any accolades related to a particular subject that might benefit your kid. For example, a person having a Ph.D. in mathematics is the perfect choice for your kid to improve his problem-solving skills.

7. Online Reviews

The internet is fragile. You can't screen the good and bad easily. However, besides these six elements, you should check the reviews online. You can simply Google the tutor’s name, check his profile on a platform and make your call accordingly. Based on someone else's experience, you can decide on considering an online tutor for the role. Online reviews help more than the tutor's profile as they are user-generated reviews based on real-life experiences.


It's entirely in your hands whom to select as an online tutor for your children. An online tutor, if chosen wisely, can enhance your kid's knowledge. Whereas, if an online tutor is a misfit, s/he will fail to help your kid with their academic problems. Every time you search for an online tutor, keep this checklist of seven things handy and then decide.

Good luck with finding the best online tutor for your child!