Improving Intimate Life
It is generally said that the cause of health is that the function declines with aging, but the causes such as stress and lifestyle vary from person to person. Regain your natural, effective ingredient to improve your intimate life.

1: Zinc

Zinc has various effects, such as bone development and recovery from fatigue, and is one of the important minerals that are indispensable for protein synthesis. This zinc deficiency can also cause dysgeusia, which means erectile dysfunction that doesn't work when it matters to men.

The fact that problem can occur due to deficiency means that zinc intake can also improve it. Depending on the cause, improvement may not be expected, but there is no loss in taking zinc, which also boosts immunity.

2: Arginine

Arginine is a type of amino acid. Arginine, which is also used as the main component of energy drinks, is also famous as a vitality supplement for diets and athletes, but it can increase the amount of blood flowing into the corpus cavernosum by dilating blood vessels, so men's energy enhancement and erection it is said that the effect of improving power is also high.

It is a safe supplement if taken normally, but if taken in excess, it may cause stomach pain and diarrhea and may lead to health hazards such as abnormal growth hormone.

3: Tonkat Ali

Tonkat Ali is a kind of Simaroubaceae herb that grows naturally in the jungles of Southeast Asia and is rich in arginine, which has the effect of improving erectile power. It has been used by local people as a nourishing tonic for a long time, and it can be expected to have an effect of improving erection by adjusting male hormones that tend to be disturbed during menopause and increasing blood flow in the lower body.

Tonkat ants grown in nature have been confirmed to be highly safe plants, so there are no side effects. However, some of the products on the market are scientifically and artificially made. If you take such products for a long period of time, harmful components may accumulate in your body.

4: Maca

Maca is a perennial plant native to Peru, South America. It contains arginine, which is useful in improving male function. In addition, it contains alkaloids and dextrin that activate male hormones and has the effect of promoting a smooth erection.

In addition, it is effective for psychological ED, it is possible to prevent diminished energy, and it can be said that Maka's strength is that it can be expected to have various effects such as improvement of menopausal disorders. Like Tonkat Ali, maca has almost no side effects if it is a supplement made of natural materials, but it seems that some people are upset due to overdose or do not fit their constitution.

5: Krachaidum

Krachai Dam is called black turmeric and black ginger and is becoming more popular. The ingredients contained in the root part have the effect of enhancing energy to the extent that it is called natural, and it is said that the content of arginine contained in it is twice that of maca.

Cenforce 150 and Vilitra are famous as the first approved treatment for erectile dysfunction in the world. It contains an active ingredient called sildenafil citrate, which inhibits an enzyme called type 5 phosphodiesterase that prevents erection, which helps improve ED.

In addition, it contains zinc and iron, which are effective in strengthening energy, and it is said that a considerable effect can be expected.

6: Bigaris

"Adjustment of male hormones", "Antioxidation of the body", "Improvement of blood circulation", which are indispensable conditions for improving ED, "Amino acids", "Minerals" and "Vitamins", which are nutrients that satisfy these conditions Bigaris is included. In addition, it contains ingredients such as "Tonkat Ali" and "Maca", "Arginine" and "Zinc", which are famous for enhancing natural energy.

Since Bigaris is made from natural ingredients, there is no concern about side effects, but it is recommended that you keep the amount used and if you have food allergies, check the ingredients before using.

7: Citrulline

Citrulline is a natural amino acid that is also popular as a supplement for athletes because it has the effects of relieving fatigue, strengthening muscles, and increasing exercise. Since it is highly effective in improving blood flow, it increases the amount of blood flowing into the corpus cavernosum and can be expected to have an energy-enhancing effect. Tadacip 20 and Aurogra 100 effective to improving ED.

Basically, citrulline has no side effects, but it is premised that people with allergies do not check the ingredients or overdose. In addition, those who suffer from a disease called "citrullinemia" should refrain from taking it.


Such as stress and a healthy lifestyle vary from person. Regain your natural, effective ingredient to improve your intimate life.