Quick and easy house selling with benefits!

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Selling your home for cash has become fashionable of late. This has generated even greater interest in the benefits of selling to a cash home buyer.

You might be asking yourself, however, is it wise or even safe to sell your house to a cash home buyer? Or you might be wondering how do I Sell My House Fast California.

Not always, but it can be as long as you are careful. Here’s how!

The benefits are numerous so let’s get started right away!

Gimme all your money and cut out the middleman or woman

Do you want all the money for yourself or are you feeling particularly generous towards estate agents today?

A cash buyer puts all the greens squarely in your hand with nothing siphoned off to real estate peeps who readily take 6% or more in commission. Do the math, it’s a no brainer!

Selling your home with an estate agent takes forever and may cause a heart attack from stress before anything is sold. First, you have to find a good agent to work with, then clean up and pimp your house for visitors to peruse, and then the tiresome rigmarole of receiving buyers’ lame offers before finally agreeing or not.

If you don’t list your home with an estate agent, there's no need to wait for them to take snaps of your house, create a listing, and schedule open houses.

Quick N Easy Offers

Time will be on your side if you avoid not only estate agents but also going it alone looking for a buyer yourself.

Do you have time to waste?

Then open your house to sour-faced procrastinating visitors complaining about everything, taking ages to get back with a decent offer (if they do at all) only to find it’s much less than what you were asking, and to boot they still haven’t been given their loan by the bank.

Love disappointment that much?

Didn’t think so.

Jump to the Quick N Easy cash offer, get the paperwork out the way and you’re good to go within a week.

The Money Pit

Does your house look like the one from that Tom Hanks film?

Do you have money to burn on pointless repairs by workers who aren't in the same rush you are?

Cash buyers couldn’t give a hoot about the state of your house. Why change things now if the new buyer will pay for improvements to their own liking when they move in?

You save time and money this way.

Selling your home to cash buyer San Diego gives you more time to look for a new home and get on with your life.

Dead quick without a mortgage to drag

Cash home buyers need no mortgage because they have the cash to purchase your home, so they can forego the long and winding mortgage process. They don’t rely on a bank at all to finance the sale.

No praise for appraisal

When going down the traditional road of selling a house, it sometimes happens in the appraisal process that the appraiser requires things like a new lick of paint or even the replacement of windows or some such nonsense. This can be a bummer when selling to someone who needs to be financed.

Take it or leave it

In contrast, when selling your home for cash, you’re offering the house as it is, warts and all, so it’s up to the buyer to decide. These cash home buyers are not fussy or fastidious about your house’s problems. In fact, they’ll buy pretty much anything. This means you get a lower price but quicker and easier cash.
  • Get closer to closing the deal
  • Selling a house is fraught with difficulties:
  • The buyer could lose their job, financing or both.
  • Property inspection might find repairs required prior to selling.
The small print in contracts contains contingencies favoring the buyer so they can legally walk away without obligations.

This is not the case with cash sales because the buyer knows there could be problems with the house. Moreover, once the money has exchanged hands, the point of no return has already been crossed.

Start all over

If you can’t finish paying your mortgage, one option available is to sell your house for cash; this means averting the dreaded foreclosure and stops you from throwing bad money after bad. Negotiating with the lender for a better deal on the loan is always worth a try but it’s a longshot. If you find there’s no dice in your favor when you attempt this just sell for cash to pay back at least some of the mortgage, and then start again from scratch.

Poor you, you inherited a house you don’t want

If you own a property already and inherit another one from a dead family member or perhaps some mysterious stranger (Dickens style), you probably don’t have the time and money to waste doing up such a derelict dig. If squatters move in, burglars rob valuables or vandals take the door handles and destroy everything else then the value of the house will quickly plummet.

Selling this dead weight of a house for cash will swiftly rid from your mind this burdensome bequeathment. All that will remain for you to do before selling is decide which family heirlooms are worth saving from the property for posterity.

Stay alert and skeptical

If you’re considering selling your home to a cash buyer the benefits are boundless, not only speed but also ease as well.

Just know your onions, find out the value of your property, and get a good price for it. Don’t be led down the garden path by fraudulent nogoodniks. Only trust reputable buyers with Quick N Easy Offers.