Though you are considering your furry friend as of your important family members your apartment owner may not feel the same. In a study, we found that when people are searching with the term dog friendly apartments near me, most of the listing websites shows 50% of the listed apartments are pet friendly and dogs are permitted in L.A, Chicago and San Francisco

However, the ownership of pets is increasing day by day in the USA. More than 65% of US people own at least one pet. So, the majority of the renters are actually looking for an apartment that is dog-friendly. Here’re some of the tips that can help you to find the right pet-friendly apartment for you and your family. 


  1. Using the Online Platforms

Technology makes things easier and faster nowadays. There are hundreds of websites and applications where you can search for your dream apartment and make a customized filter to find a pet-friendly apartment easily. For example, on a listing site, you are searching in Chicago, you will find the filters where you can select the rooms, maximum rent, dog friendly or not, etc. You'll also see the rental market trends in Chicago.
 Thus you will get the result of selected apartments that are matched with your criteria.

  1. Support Animal Privilege

For support animals, you will get extra privileges everywhere. For instance, if you are suffering from complex emotional issues and need a furry partner to get comfort, Fair Housing Act will protect you to keep a pet with you anywhere. In this case, if any of your matched apartments is not pet-friendly, you may talk to the landlord or the property manager directly. You may don’t aware of the law, but they know it better.

  1. Size of your pet

If you are owning a breed like Saint Bernard and planning to rent a new apartment, think twice though it is pet-friendly. Remember, no one loves the unusual things on their premises, maybe your future landlord as well. Moreover, this large breed will not fit in your smaller rooms in the apartment also. So, the size definitely matters in case of searching for the perfect dog-friendly apartment.

  1. Prepare the Documentation of Your Pet

When you apply for an apartment to rent this is similar to the job applying. You need to submit your resume, financial papers, employment documents and others. Similarly, you need to show the resume and other related documents of your pet also. The resume may include the breed, age, size, medical conditions and reports, certification, etc enclosed with the proper documentation and papers as proof.

  1. Choosing the Right Location

Picking the right location and area is really important if you have a pet. Maybe you found an apartment which is dog-friendly and near to your office, holds on! Know more about the area and neighbourhoods if it is good for your pet members or not, if this area has every facility to raise your dog or other pets including the daycare, nearby parks to give him a fresh walk and how the neighbours behave with pets, all are important.

The ratio of owning pets and pet-friendly apartments that we mentioned in the first part of our article may differ from place to place. For example, cities or towns in Texas may have more percentage of pet-friendly apartments compared to the other parts of the country like Illinois or California. But, you are now well educated to find the right one. Share your apartment experiences with us where you found the perfect environment for your pets.