Flying Business Class

You are standing at the airport kiosk checking in to your flight. After you type in your name and birthday, the machine asks you if you would like to upgrade your seat to business class for an additional fee. You mull it over for a moment and then decide that it would not be worth it. As you walked to the gate, you wonder if you made the right choice. The truth is there are several benefits to flying business class.

Extra Bag Allowance

If you are travelling with more than just a carry-on bag, you may well have to pay for your suitcase to fly to your destination with you. There are certain discount airlines that will even charge you for a carry-on bag.

If you fly business class, you will find that there are certain airlines that will let you check a standard size bag for free. Other airlines let their economy class passengers check one bag for free and let business class patrons check an extra-large bag for free. If you are going somewhere for a while and have a lot of luggage, this can be an enormous value. if you were checking more than one bag through, the price difference between economy class and business class may end up being quite nominal.

Larger Seats

If you are going on a flight of any length, having a larger seat may be very important. Larger seats will allow you more room to move around and they will accommodate a person of more generous proportions.

You will also have more legroom in business or first class. This can be very important because small airline seats in economy class can cause leg cramps and blood clotting. There are certain planes on which you can actually lay your seat all the way back until it is flat. If you are traveling overseas, this can be a major benefit because you can get a good night’s sleep.

Your seat will also come with a much higher quality blanket and pillow than you would find in economy class. In some cases, the airline may even provide a fresh change of socks.

Instead of being stuck with the tiny plastic headphones that you get in economy class. You know, the ones that break mid-flight, you will be given in noise-cancelling headset.

Business Class Lounge

Some Airlines have a business and first-class lounges in bigger airports. These lounges will have large chairs and free snacks and soft drinks to enjoy while you wait. Many of these lounges have free Wi-Fi and certain business class lounges have showers, which can be quite beneficial if you are going on a long trip. In addition to getting free food in the lounge, you will get better food on the plane ride itself.

Although it may seem overindulgent, a business class seat can make your whole trip better. You will be well-rested and ready for action when you get to your destination. Whether you are going to an important business meeting, a family function, or a pleasure trip, it will help if you are full of energy when you get there. Read more about business class here.