If there’s a single most invaluable lesson we can all draw from the disastrous 2020 is the need to build a cash reserve to safeguard ourselves and loved ones from the unexpected. While this is an excellent commitment to make as the year starts, it is easier said than done.

Everyone desires to make a lucrative investment in their lifetime, but it is the part about predicting the future of markets and industries that leaves many scratching their heads.

Well, reliable information is wealth in itself, and given the economic volatility of the previous year, you need substantiated insider information on strategic industries worth your investment.

After extensive research, we compiled a list of leading industries in 2021 that have the potential to brave the raging Covid19 tempest.

Cybersecurity Industry

This is a sector that has not been devoid of speculation over the years. Soon, we will be witnessing the beginning of the end of the Coronavirus scourge if the promise of the recently created vaccine materializes.

Amazingly, a few industries thrived in the volatile 2020 market as most dipped with the pandemic induced recession. Most of these dominated the online space with the exponential rise in demand for web-based services.

Many companies and institutions have adapted to online operations, e-commerce, e-learning, e-banking, office video conferencing, eSports, online casinos, and many others. Cybersecurity has become integral in the operations of these enterprises, and developers have responded in kind.

Many are now privy to the convenience of operating online and will continue securing their online presence with cutting edge Cybersecurity innovations. This is an industry that is on the rise and is no longer monopolized by government institutions and the military. Private developers are making great milestones, and it is an opportune time to invest in the industry.

Logistics and Courier Industry

Another industry that has thrived in the recession and will hold up even after the pandemic. Courier and logistics is an enduring industry in the African landscape set to define how essential goods flow in the continent. The logistics sector eliminates boundaries and makes global goods affordable and accessible to everyone. The pandemic gave this industry a great boost propelling it to a top industry with an exponential potential to generate a huge return on investment in 2021.

Online Gaming Industry

This is indeed one for the future, and the current data indicates that the online gaming industry is at the precipice of an explosion. Experts estimate that by 2022 the multi-billion dollar industry will have surpassed an annual revenue of 196 dollars. This makes it the most rapidly growing global industry at the moment.

Africa has not been left behind in providing a friendly environment for online gaming operators. The favorable gambling regulations in Africa are already paying off. Avenues for global eSports tournaments, online casino gaming, sports betting, online poker tournaments, and many others are already providing stable revenue streams to international gamers, gaming operators, and investors. It is a worthwhile industry in 2021.

The Stocks Industry is Still Going Strong

The main challenge with the stock market is volatility. If anyone were to claim they know for a fact the precise direction any stocks will take in 2021, they would be lying. However, the industry is rewarding for smart investors who are conversant in playing averages to secure a significant position for their stocks. Tech stocks have always been favorable even under recession, and in 2021, they could be slowing down as governments get a handle on the Covid19 crisis.

You have other stable options to consider before investing. Some of the strong stock markets include overseas dividend stocks, travel stocks, pharmaceutical stocks, and biotech stocks. Considering that some industries have been at a standstill, the market will have a dramatic response once normal life resumes. Take, for instance, the travel and tourism industry; once travel restrictions are lifted, the demand for traveling will be over the roof.

Cloud Infrastructure

This is an expansive industry helping firms, institutions, and businesses transition from land-based operations to growing an online presence. It also encompasses the streaming and video downloading niche, data sharing, managing bulk transactions, online payment management systems, digital marketing strategies, and so on.

There is no denying that the current digitization trends and the modernization wave will ultimately lead to cashless economies, broader e-commerce, and exclusive web-based services. Cloud infrastructure is central to such a future, and for the proactive investor, this is the time to venture into the industry.

Investment is no longer regionally limited because globalization is bringing innovators, entrepreneurs, and prospective startups closer to investors. This diversifies opportunities within any given economy.