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Sometimes, people have to deal with several hard copies of documents, PDFs, and images in their businesses. There’s no need to spend time typing individual text manually as you can find different free online OCR software available that quickly extract text from image or document.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to convert jpg to txt, pdf to text, or any picture to text, these ocr scanners use smart Optical Character Recognition that scans the image and transform it into text format. You ought to aim for an online ocr image to text converter through which you can readily deal with a huge number of documents and images quickly and precisely.

OCR Tools to Extract Image From Text:

Most of the scanners come with some sort of OCR software, but, if you don’t have an OCR scanner, then just capture a photo with a device camera and use the best online OCR program to convert photo to text. Apart from this, visiting this site would be of great help if you are searching for the best scanner for old photos.

Read on to meet the best OCR image to text extractor that helps you to extract the pic to the text within no time. An ideal approach is to use an online image to text converter that transforms an image into different editable text formats. 

Google Docs:

You ought to upload an image file or a scanned PDF to Google Docs, check the option “convert text to Google Docs format” and Google Docs automatically perform OCR online scanning on the file before saving it to your account.

If the OCR scanning is done, all the extracted text is saved as a new document else Google Docs will save the original image without any editing.

You can perform OCR on images and PDFs as large as 2 MB with the assistance of Google Docs. There are no limits on the number of OCR processing in a day and even the text recognition is quite impressive. However, Google Docs does not at all retain the original formatting of the document and the OCR program almost fails for the low-resolution images. 


The best online image to text converter by cardscanner.co uses an online OCR feature to extract text from images, scanned documents, or printed PDFs. This image to text generator works efficiently to convert or scan the text from the image and provides you with editable documents after OCR scanning. The upside of this free picture to text converter is that it allows dealing with the different image formats and improving the OCR recognition. With the assistance of this image text reader, you can able to perform OCR scanning for different languages; you can specify the language of your OCR image by choosing the option.

So, convert images to text online with this online OCR scanner and get editable text format within seconds. 

Abbyy FineReader:

It is a free online OCR program that helps to convert PDF files & images into corresponding file formats. This is an Abbyy service provider and thus the OCR software accuracy is quite good.

The neat feature is that it can understand a much wider variety of languages for OCR scanning. Even, it works with multilingual documents that consist of text written in multiple languages. A free account of Abbyy allows you to convert images to text and you will need to pay around 3 per 10 pages for unlimited conversions.


It is a free image to text converter that comes with a cloud-based OCR program through which you can handle all common images formats including scanned PDFs. You can able to convert multiple pictures to text by uploading a single zip file into this online ocr converter.

Online OCR is an ideal tool for OCR image scanning as its character recognition accuracy is tremendous that fits your OCR needs.

At the free version of OnlineOCR, you will be able to convert around 5 to 6 images to text format, for additional conversions you need to pay around $4 per 50 pages.

Let’s Sum Up:

The online OCR programs provide you with good recognition accuracy and even preserve most of the original formatting after OCR scanning. Ahead to one of the above OCR solutions and extract images from text within a fraction of seconds.