online jobs
Internet exposure is essential since it helps us to find a job. Several websites offer online jobs for us to earn a living. Such platforms have created an ecosystem where we can do jobs online.

A freelance website that offers jobs we can do online.

Virtual jobs are a reality and not a myth anymore. Therefore, freelance websites and platforms have answered questions about where to get a job and how to get a job. Digitization of job processes has made it easier for freelancers to land online jobs and make money. Students community pursuing their studies can earn during their leisure time since online job platforms provide them with ghostwriting jobs opportunities. Both experienced and newcomers will meet a huge community of clients, display their skills, and earn a living. The market is awash with several websites for freelancing, but this article explores the best ones.


It is the coolest freelance website and platform one can make money online. It is a global brand where independent professionals and businesses collaborate and connect remotely. The website allows entities to interview, hire, and even work with freelancers and other agencies through the Upwork platform.


It is the world's largest freelancing market by the number of projects and users. It provides opportunities to both freelancers and employers on a contract basis in legal services, accounting, marketing, designing, data entry, writing, website development, software development, and many more. It means that this platform offers online jobs.


It is another top freelancing website. This site connects clients with writers globally. Once you open an account, you can bid for a job and start working. You can do one job at one time, and you do not need to get hired by anyone. Payments through the platform go through once the client approves the work as satisfactory.

People Per Hour

This online system converges the needs of customers and the skills of freelancers. Freelancers get exposure in several disciplines such as online marketing jobs, content writing, web development, and designing logos.


An online clearinghouse enables technology workers who seek short-term contracts for online jobs. A prospective employer gets in touch with Guru with business, creative, or technical projects; Guru, in turn, engages freelance experts to do the work. After a thorough examination, the prospective employer picks a freelancer from a list. The freelancers will have to give Guru the cost of the project.


It is a company to offer temporary work. Buyers of different types of works offered by mid-sized companies, small businesses, and independent freelance professionals drive the company. Participants offer their services or products working on the road, in factories, or offices. This platform is the most versatile freelance marketplace that covers a broad range of services.

99 Designs

It is an online marketplace dedicated to graphic design works. Freelance designers participate in the design contents given by customers with design requirements. Here designers continually submit their designs round the clock. Customers use private messages, comments, and ratings to assist designers in shaping their concepts to customers' requirements.


This distinct online educational assistance service enables writers and customers to work together on a final product via chat platform communication.