Job Descriptions for Beginner
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Job Descriptions have an integral role in your overall recruitment process, as they outline the company’s requirements from the candidate and also let the potential candidate know what to expect in the job itself. However, writing job descriptions is not a mere task.

Are Job Descriptions the Same as Job Specifications?

It is a common mistake to mix Job Descriptions with Job Specification, the latter of which is concerned with a much more specified version of the requirements.

Job Specifications will list down the EXACT requirements, including the educational degrees, professional certifications and skills. Whether or not a company posts a Job Specification depends on the region too.

What Should You Include While Writing a Job Description?

Key contents to include in your Job Description are:


You will put the main job title, such as mechanical engineer, e-commerce copywriter etc.


A short two or three liner detailing the main tasks, seniority level and requirements from the candidate.

Responsibilities and Duties

Detailed responsibilities in the form of bullets. If not bullets then a detailed paragraph.

Skills (both hard skills and soft skills)

It is essential to include soft skills too in the current era, as they account for substantial tasks in some roles, such as Communication Skills in Call Centers and BPOs.

Hard skills will go like they usually do, except they need to be more specific now. For example, when looking for a copywriter, you will have to mention if they should have knowledge about SEO or any specific type of copywriting.

Required academic and professional qualifications

Academic qualifications will include all degrees acquired from school and universities, such as a high school diploma or an MBA.

Professional qualifications are nowadays a requirement too, such as PMP certification for Project Management roles. These certifications directly and practically teach the most important skills for a particular role.

Pay scale

Some companies may choose not to list down the pay depending on their discretion.

Benefits and compensation (if any)

Benefits and compensation, if offered, can include travel allowance or pick and drop, free lunch, additional paid leaves, medical coverage etc.

A Sample of a Job Description

While you can go and check out any list of job description templates for free on the internet, here we have crafted a sample job description for your ease.


Reports to: Director Marketing

Job Overview: Hiring a technical content writer with a background in Computer Science and IT who is tech-savvy and possesses knowledge about the IT industry.

Responsibilities and duties: 
  • Researching, writing and uploading blogs, web content and all content assigned.
  • Coordinating with the Director Marketing for Content Campaigns.
  • Working with the UX team for adjustment of web content.
  • Performing on-page SEO.

  • On-page SEO
  • Knowledge of IT
  • In-depth research skills
  • Microsoft Office
  • Google Suite
  • WordPress uploading

  • Bachelor’s in Communications, IT, Computer Science or Marketing
  • HubSpot Academy Content Marketing Certification

  • Paid religious leaves, maternity/paternity leaves, pick/drop (for night shift)