Internet is the perfect place to spend when you cannot or don't want to find what to do. Most of you would typically answer that your choice is Twitter or Facebook. However, I consider surfing those two social networks as something too boring for this article. Some say that they don't know how to waste their time anymore; however, they don't try to find them more negative instead of fun. You might think the Internet has become so polarized now that it's impossible to find something interesting without and hidden senses. If you keep this point of view, we are ready to change it with the following websites' help. You will see how your free hours will bring you relaxation and a lovely mood, so check it out.

Web Games

Web Games

In recent years, small miniplayings available from the browser became very popular among gamers and people who have enough time to waste. This huge success is the result of game popularity. This became a circumstance for developing a new version of agario private server . One more mainstream of this area is Almost every American who has an internet connection tried playing games called ".io".

Why are they so popular? I consider a few reasons for that, but the most important is that playing these games is super easy. It would be best if you only cared about how to eat, absorb, kill somebody, and don't be killed or swallowed. There is a massive range of .io games, so you can rely on the subreddit and find the most suitable one for you.


Probably, you might not know people who use Tumblr, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't try it. Firstly, we recommend you to begin with some aggregation Tumblrs such as ERARG, Ryan Hates This, or Sound Designer Jeans. They are filled with a significant amount of weirdness you could ever find. If you're not a fan of this stuff, try Ryan Hates This because, in two other blogs, you won't be given even a hint for something that has at least any sense or reason.

If you still don't understand what I mean, you will when you search there and find Belle and Sebastian singing about peppermints, Alton Brown organizing BDSM cooking challenges, discussions about chocolate milk, and other typical stuff.

Don't worry because Tumblrs may be less crazy and useless but still a little bit silly. We are talking about Shit My Players Say, linguistics blogs Lyrics and Language and All Things Linguistic, and the trippy art blogs Absolute Science Fiction, 70s Sci-Fi Art, Tales From Weirdland, and Tomorrow & Beyond. They are ideal for getting acquainted with Tumblr.


Reddit is not only about shame stories. You will also find there what you like if you don't want anything except for silly anecdotes, memes, Interdimensional Cable, Humor, Shitty Robots, Sketch Comedy, and others.

If you would like to spend your free time with usefulness, go to Ask Historians, You Should Know, Philosophy, I Want to Learn, Depth Hub True Ask Reddit and others.

You can also share your stories on Feminism, Does Anybody Elseor Ask Reddit. The most bizarre parts are Cringe, or Oddly Terrifying. Interesting pictures you will find on Imaginary Cityscapes, Short Films, Noisy GIFs, and so on.

TV Tropes

Frankly speaking, it's quite annoying that this stuff is not as popular as other websites on this list. It's the best place to get the explanation of the most different and unusual "tropes" that you could ever read or hear. This site cannot be considered only as a thing for time spending, as it helps when you need to explore something connected to the figures of speech. When you want to bring something new or funny to your writings, don't neglect TV Tropes. It won't disappoint you as Wikipedia did with its formal and well-known idioms and metaphors. I swear you that spending time on TV Tropes is a kind of learning, and you will notice that your time wasn't wasted with no use.

This source is what you need to find out things that you usually would not even notice. And this usage makes art and literature, and even life more interesting, fascinating, and exciting. You will be impressed with the tropes in songs of Pink Floyd and jokes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

You can even go to the past and learn the unique tropes of ancient times, which were popular but now went out of use and others. Movie terms are available at Roger Ebert glossary, where you can what you need about all features of TV shows. You can learn about different episodes and their specifics.

Find unknown historical facts about the French revolution, Gnosticism, or the British political system. In simple words, every sense and meaning you would like to uncover is accessible right there!


YouTube can also be entertaining and funny, as well as exciting and educational. Talking about stupid stuff, I will recommend sketches that take a significant part in the modern western segment of YouTube. You may like short illustrations by Aunty Donna, Chesca Leigh, and others. Music and gaming are also viral fields there. Most YouTubers don't neglect their opportunity to attract as much audience as possible, providing them with specific content such as sports clips, comedies, challenges, etc.

A lot of young people use YouTube as a source of relaxing music for getting sleep. This works! If you don't like all that pop-stuff, pay attention to listening to rock or classical music. There is a vast range of collages containing your favorite genres.

YouTube is also the website with the coolest teachers. You can learn many new about common or complicated subjects with Bill Wurtz, Tom Scott, Joseph's Machines, and other bloggers that will provide you with all the necessary knowledge you need.

Analytics is also an impressive field to find there. Get something new about movies, films, and cartoons together with other works of art.

More Fun!

Many websites are not very popular, but they can provide you with good humor and memes of different kinds. Take a look at Something Awful, ClickHole, Reductress, etc.

If you like something more cringe, go to the SCP Foundation. Here you will find a lot of quite creepy stuff; however, be ready to see boring things because everyone can create an SCP entry. You would better begin with the best-recommended posts.