Have you just decided that you do not wish to get another child, but are still confused about which birth control option to go by? Vasectomy is a low-risk but effective procedure that prevents the sperm from merging with your semen, thus creating a permanent birth control method. If you are intrigued by this procedure and want to know if you are the right candidate for this birth control alternative, get in touch with a New York vasectomy specialist at Urologist Michael Rotman, MD, through mobile or go online.

Why Receive Vasectomy?


Going for a vasectomy is likely the most effective and safest birth control alternative for men who are certain they don't wish to have more children. It's nearly 100% effective, has minimal side effects or risk of complications, and is relatively cheaper than female sterilization.

Once you get a vasectomy done, you no longer need to wear a condom during sex, which is quite appealing to most men. Dr. Rotman utilizes a minimally-invasive technique, which ensures lesser complications and bleeding but is as effective as conventional vasectomy. Nonetheless, following this procedure, one can still impregnate a woman so long as the sperm count hasn't reached zero. Therefore, one should progressively use birth control until they've had a follow-up test that assures them, they no longer have any trace of sperm in their semen.

What Are the Risks Associated with Vasectomy?

The most obvious risk of undergoing vasectomy is that one may wish to get another baby later on. Any other complication or side effect is rare. Still, the most prevalent ones include swelling, blood in semen, infection in the surgery area, bruising of the scrotum, mild pain, bleeding, or blood clots inside the scrotum.

Other rare but delayed side effects might include inflammation, abnormal cysts, chronic pain, pregnancy resulting from a failed procedure, or fluid buildup inside the testicle. Fortunately, most men enjoy a smooth procedure and do not experience any side effects after treatment.

Does Vasectomy Affect One's Sexual Performance?

There are many baseless concerns linked to receiving a vasectomy. For instance, there is a common belief that vasectomy affects one's masculinity or sexual performance. But the truth is that vasectomy only keeps sperm away from your semen. Otherwise, you can gladly perform sexually, and it won't derail your stamina in any way.

Other baseless/unproven concerns associated with undergoing a vasectomy are that it causes adverse pain, heightens your risk of cardiovascular conditions, causes lasting damage to one's sexual organs, and puts one at greater risk of developing some forms of cancers. Any other concern you might have heard is also unsupported.

In conclusion, Urologist Dr. Michael Rotman, MD, offers personalized treatment plans that seek to enhance men's sexual health and wellness in and around New York. He utilizes the most advanced treatments and medical innovations from a comfortable and relaxed setting. Appointments can be conducted in English, Russian, Yiddish, or Spanish. Request an appointment today with Dr. Michael Rotman through mobile or go online to learn more about vasectomy.