Twitch marketing
Rapidly growing live streaming portals like Twitch are among the defining social media trends and are attracting ever larger target groups. They offer companies enormous potential for targeted and effective marketing measures.

Twitch on the rise as a marketing channel

Often dismissed as a pure platform for esports and gaming, Twitch, as a live streaming portal and social network, has long been under the radar of marketers. as it has proven to be much effective. There are many options for this; the twitch viewer bot available on google site is one of them. Wrongly, as a look at the usage statistics shows:

1 billion hours - Videos were viewed on Twitch in 2019 alone: 1 Billion hours.

The streaming platform has long outgrown its supposed niche existence and is on a strong growth path. With the live videos, influencers regularly reach millions of thousands of Twitch viewers - the marketing potential is correspondingly large - especially against the background that classic TV campaigns, for example, have less and less impact when there is fundamentally changing media usage behavior. Other companies may have been using twitch viewer bot to improve twitch views

Twitch marketing focuses on young, rapidly growing target groups

The main argument in favor of increased marketing on Twitch is the fact that the platform is primarily popular with young target groups who can hardly be reached via traditional media and channels. As a rule, these are 18 to 34-year-olds with a high online affinity, willingness to interact and purchasing power who spend more than 90 minutes on the live streaming portal every day.

It is true that around four out of five Twitch users worldwide are currently male. In view of the increasing distribution of alternative content to gaming, however, it can be assumed that the number of female viewers will increase significantly in the future.

Targeted presentation in the streaming environment

Due to the broader range of topics, the growing community and the greater opportunities for differentiation among target groups, Twitch will also be exciting for brands and companies that have previously geared their marketing to other channels.

Advertisers use the standard forms of advertising known from YouTube and other portals, such as classic video spots, particularly frequently. Twitch integrates these into its own ad server solution and plays them in the appropriate streams as pre- or mid-roll. In addition, innovative brands are increasingly tapping the marketing potential on Twitch with their own appearances and streams:

Influencer marketing on Twitch offers this potential

By far the greatest advertising potential for companies and brands can be developed with influencer marketing on Twitch. In the strong connection between the streamers and their community, the platform provides advertisers with particular added value. Many influencers have built a loyal audience on Twitch that they can interact with directly during their streams. In no other format is the relationship of trust between influencers and followers so pronounced, due to the mechanisms of live streaming, the engagement of viewers so high and the negative attitude towards product recommendations so low.