If you work in marketing, you’ll know it’s true that video content is one of the most successful and engaging ways you can grab your client’s attention. It’s a great way to get your brand message across, advertise your latest products and engage with your customers directly via live video streams. However, many organisations believe that a random video upload or questionable quality will do the trick, especially if they share it across all their platforms. 

video content

The truth is, video content is much more complicated than that. Your videos not only have to be high quality but they also need to keep your brand identity in mind, so you can maintain a strong, consistent image. Video is all about building trust with your clients so the quality of your video content needs to seamlessly reflect the level of service and your company message. Ultimately, if your videos are poorly managed, dull and seemingly pointless, then you can’t expect much in terms of engagement.

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Read on for how you can keep your viewers engaged with your video content.

Keep movement in mind

Imagine how boring TV and films would be if the camera angle never changed? Well, the same applies to your video content. Whether you’re getting new colleagues to introduce themselves or you’re interviewing a happy customer, keeping your followers engaged is much easier when there’s movement involved in the camera work. You can use various camera angles, include stills in your videos, “travel” throughout the video so it begins in one area and ends in another, use titles and cards and make use of branded transitions to keep viewers interested.

Two heads are better than one

Ever wonder why many TV presenters and TV show hosts work in pairs? It’s because it keeps dialogue interesting and keeps the flow of your videos interesting. The input of two employees is much more engaging than one just talking directly to the camera. Moving between each “presenter” will break up the monotony and keep things moving.

Introduce music and audio

Music and audio additions are a great way to make your videos appear more professional and keep your viewers engaged with your message. Whether you want to try your hand at voice-overs, or you include music so you can adjust the volume throughout the video to fill in those protracted silences. Adding audio adds another layer of intricacy and professionalism to your video content.

Finally, consider how your viewers will use your content

To drive engagement on your video content you need to understand how your viewers might be using your content. Only then can you use that information to your advantage and in turn, build engagement. Are you getting the same questions over and over about a particular product? Put together a "most frequently asked questions" video. Are customers asking how to maintain a product? Create a "how-to" video. Understanding what your clients want can help you create truly engaging and interesting video content that will help your business thrive.