Skateboard Shoes
Most men are fond of collecting sports footwear. They spend money on choosing the best quality and brand of shoes to increase their motivation and confidence in their everyday life. Since then, shoe manufacturers aim to create the most innovative and quality men's sports footwear, like Nike SB shoes, that showcase sports shoes in a variety of styles.

What are Skateboard Shoes?

Skateboard shoes are designed to be more durable to provide more grip, which is intentionally created for sports activities like skateboarding. Some brands create a waffle-like pattern on the sole to provide a tighter and maximum grip. Skateboard shoe soles, however, are thinner than regular shoes. The purpose of this is to provide a maximum grip that can withstand ground friction and sports movement impact. This is also applied to some shoes specialised for basketball and running marathons.

What To Consider When Buying Skateboard Shoes?

Good skateboarding shoes are mostly sturdy as they are designed to absorb impact. At the same time, it should make you feel comfortable while moving around the skateboard. Top-quality footwear for sports, such as Nike SB shoes, maintains the best features needed for a shoe to achieve a comfortable feel for the user when worn. The features in skateboard shoes you need to look for are:
  • Absorbing shocks soles
  • Suede material
  • Heel support
  • Toe caps
  • Laces out of grip range

Types of Feet and Skate Shoes

A buyer should be mindful of their type of feet when buying skateboard shoes. When planning to buy online, the buyer should be familiar with trusted brands and shoe types to purchase.

Wide Feet

Wide feet are usually hard when looking for the right shoes because it is not the regular type of feet. Skate shoes for wide feet should have a wider cut in the shoe arch to make sure that the feet are comfortable inside the shoes. It will be troublesome if you get bruises from wearing normal size shoes.

Narrow feet

For narrow feet, it is recommended to get some insoles just in case there are no fitting skateboard shoes available. Make sure that there will be some extra space left inside the shoes so the insoles can fit inside. Most of the time, having a narrow foot makes you adjust to the kind of shoes you are purchasing, but insoles are your rescue when that happens.

Small feet

The best way to identify what skateboard shoes are best for small feet is to try on different shoes from shops around your place. It is better to try it on your own feet, so you'll know if it's comfortable and fitting. When shopping online, you may want to consider low-top shoes.

Large feet

Men are expected mostly to have large feet, and that is why there are more sports shoes manufactured for large sizes. However, people with much larger feet will find it difficult to find fitting shoes, so they need to ask for customisation or request an exact size of skateboard shoes to wear.

Flat feet

Flat feet have more risk of cramps around the arch area of the shoes. Though this is a rare size as well, some people who have this size complain about the soles not matching as well in the shoes. With that, people who have flat feet should consider customised shoes to buy if there are any, so they can avoid accidents while skateboarding.


Overall, selecting a quality pair of skateboard shoes matter for men to have comfortable, durable, and stylish sports footwear to use in sports like skateboarding. With the tips here, you can wisely purchase the best skateboard shoes available.

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