Football is the most popular sport that has the largest number of players and fans. It is not only for men but also for women. The female football is developed over the world. Most countries build their national female football teams to join international competitions. 

If you want to know which female football teams are the best in the world, watch the full live female football matches at and check this list below. 

How FIFA Makes the Ranking List

The list below is based on the FIFA Women’s World Rankings. It is established from the scores of all FIFA football matches from 1971. FIFA only updates the list four times per year in March, June, September, and December. 

To ensure fairness in the ranking list, every new team needs to play for at least five matches with ranked teams. Any teams that have not participated in the recent 18 months cannot be ranked on the list. 

List of 10 Highest Ranking Female Football Teams

This is the latest list that is updated in June 2019. Although there will be changes in the future, we now can have a look at some impressive points of the best teams.

United States

The highest-ranked team is the USA football team, with 2180 points. They take part in the FIFA World Cup and also in CONCACAF. From the beginning of the FIFA World Cup until now, the team has achieved the Cup four times in 1991, 1999, 2005, and 2019.
United State Women's football team/ Source

This football team also won the Olympic women’s gold medals in 1996, 2004, 2008, and 2012. Moreover, they became the champion of the Algarve Cups nine times from 2000 to 2013. The Government encourages them to move forward to get more great achievements for the country.


The second place in the list is Germany national team with 2059 points as of July 2019. Their first international match was played in 1982, and the German Football Association has currently managed.

This team has won the FIFA Women’s World Cup twice in 2003 and 2007 and achieved the champion of UEFA European Championships eight times. These women are called Die Nationalelf or The National Eleven by their fans all over the world.


The Netherlands women's national football team is directed by the Royal Dutch Football Association, a member of UEFA and FIFA. Since 2017, Sarina Wiegman has been the coach of this Oranje team (nickname of the national team) and led the team to the third position in the FIFA Women's World Rankings.

FIFA recognized Its first international football match in 1971. In 2015, they went to the final round of the FIFA Women's World Cup. After four years, they finally get the Champion of the FIFA World Cup in 2019 now.


The fourth-best team is the French women’s national football team with 2029 points. This team, which competes as a member of UEFA, is managed by the French Football Federation. Besides, they also participate in the tournaments of the Algarve Cup.

Although France team has never become the Champion in World Cup, they reached the position in ⅔ final rounds in the European Championships and won the title of the Cyprus Cup in 2012.
The national football team of France/ Source


Number 5 belongs to the England national soccer women team. They played the first international match played in UEFA Championship in November 1972 and was the runner up in 1984 and 2009. So far, the Football Association has managed them.

One of the best footballers of the team is Kelly Smith, with 46 international goals. Kelly and her team reached the quarter-final stage on the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 1995, 2007 and 2011.


With 2021 points, Sweden women’s national football team is the sixth-best team. They are also the runner up at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2003 and became the second runner-up in 2011.

These Swedish women also achieved the gold medal in European Competition in 1984 and reached the finals of the European Cup three times in 1987, 1995 and 2001. 


Under the lead of Kenneth Heiner-Møller, Canada Soccer’s Women’s National Team achieve awards in both the FIFA Women’s World Cup and Women’s Olympic Football Tournament.
Canada Women's National Team/ Source

This is the only team to reach the Knockout Phase three times 2003, 2015, 2019 in FIFA Women's World Cup. They also got the bronze medal in Women’s Olympic Football Tournament in 2012 and 2016; and two titles of Concacaf in 1998 and 2010.


The Australian women's national soccer team was founded in 1974. They are led by FFA - the Football Federation Australia. The fans often call them Matildas, a name from "Waltzing Matilda", the Australian folk song.

Australia team is OFC champion (three times), AFC champion (once), and AFF champion (once). Through seven occasions represented Australia to participate at the FIFA Women's World Cup, they have not been the winners, but they are highly evaluated with the great playing style.

North Korea

North Korea women's national football is one of the greatest Asian teams to get a ticket to the FIFA Women’s World Cup. They participated in 1966 and 2010, and also joined in the quarterfinal.

North Korea - a formidable competitor won the gold medal of Asiad 1978 and the AFC Challenge Cup in 20010 and 2012. 


The tenth-best team in the world in the FIFA Ranking list is The Brazil women’s national football team. The team played their first international match against the United States in July of 1986. They have never gotten the runner up position but been in second place in the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 1999 and 2007.

These Brazilian players received the silver medal in the Olympic Games both in 2004 and 2008. This team is also home to the greatest female footballer, Marta.


In summary, despite changes in the ranking every year, these football teams are in the top list of the best ones. They have tried persistently for a long time to achieve several awards. They should receive the support and love of all people. 

I hope you find this article interesting and understand more about female football teams in the world. If you are a new fan of women’s football, perhaps you can decide which fan group you will join now.