In the current day and age where every business aims for a global reach, hiring the best candidates is critical for perpetual growth. The hiring process for every business is generally the same, especially in the initial stage. However, some businesses are using Affinda's CV Parser to help them hire the right people

The initial part of the hiring process comprises several practices, the interview being the most crucial. A data analyst's position is pivotal in every firm; thus, filling the spot becomes challenging. Since the job is one of the popular ones, most candidates already know and prepare the common questions.

This makes the job of the interviewers much more challenging. They have to judge the candidate's data extraction skills, business sense, and SQL prowess in a short meeting. Furthermore, the aspirant's communication skills and pressure handling capabilities also need to be assessed.

Making the wrong call can cost the organization a considerable amount of resources, so the process needs to be precise. That is why a data analyst interviewer needs to be smart about the question they ask. If you want to ask the best questions to hire talented data analysts, then read through.

What Skills Should You Look For?

If you are going to interview a candidate for the data analyst position, you must be adept with the initial questions. Here are the essential skills you should look for in a candidate:

Sense of Business

While data analysts usually deal with technical aspects, they should know how the business functions. They should be capable of making crucial calls, which can benefit the business in tight scenarios.
Sense of Data

Besides the sense of business, a data analyst also needs to be proficient with the data part. They should understand the data's role in the organization's growth. Data should play a crucial part in their routine decisions and calls.

Their ability to assess data can make or break your entire organization, so you need to evaluate the skill in them.

SQL and Database Skills

A candidate for the data analyst job must possess a high-level data analyst certification. However, you are not looking for just that. The interviewer needs to ensure that the candidates are familiar with SQL and databases.

This is even more essential if your organization deals in the marketplace or eCommerce.

Top Questions to Ask in a Data Analyst Interview

Data Analyst Interview

The skills mentioned above can be assessed through a resume or pre-interview calls. So now you should focus on the interview. Here are the best interview questions you can ask for the data analyst position:
What is your understanding of our business? What will be the most crucial for us in the upcoming years? How do you think we should prepare for it?

The set of questions is bound to entice a conversation more than a reply. Pay close attention to how they handle the question and how much time they take to formulate an answer. Naturally, you should also understand how well they answer it.
  • If the candidate has done their homework, they will present you with a convincing answer.
  • Kindly share some of your past analysis experience and some insights you have formulated.
  • Although the question is a commonly asked one, you can get a great response from the latter part. The first part will showcase their preparation while the latter can show their novelty. Additionally, focus on the way they share their insights:
  • Check if there is clarity in their way of communication.
  • Did you get a result out of their analysis?
  • Counter their analysis, and see how well they can withstand the conversation.

Ask them to solve an experimental question

Testing a campaign's efficiency is vital for a data analyst's job, so have them solve a hypothetical/real problem.

You can give them a hypothetical/real scenario as per your desire and ask them to define the case's most successful property. Here are some examples:
For an eCommerce website, ask them how well-functioning the search feature is.
In the case of a social media platform, ask them how to improve the newsfeed and the metrics function.
Question them regarding funnel and event tracking

An online business uses event and funnel tracking, which can help you make the interview more interesting.

A seasoned/knowledgeable data analyst should comprehend the concepts. Furthermore, they will be able to explain how the tracking functions at the fundamental level.

You can also try to merge the experimental question with this one.
How well can you design a sales funnel? How can you integrate the tracking feature to evaluate conversions?

The next question on the list of best data analyst interview questions involves you giving an example of a known lead funnel. Now, ask the candidate about the conversion rates at every step.

Divide the rates at low-medium-high while keeping the steps at traffic-trail and free-paid. The test will help you assess their sense of numbers.

Take a real-time test of their dataset skills

The idea might not fit well with every business guideline, but it will be your most efficient weapon if it does. It can appear as an on-site assignment, where the candidate is provided a system with your data's access.

Now ask them to perform activities they will perform on the job. Make sure to choose the crucial areas to test out their real abilities. For example:

In the case of an eCommerce, guide them to assess the purchasing patterns and user engagement.
In the case of a travel business, guide them to assess consumers' behavior when offered a promo code.

Treat the candidate as you would your lead analyst, and see where it gets you. In most cases, you will land a capable data analyst for your organization.


A data analyst plays a major role in the development and growth of a firm. That is why companies invest in hefty resources in hiring the best candidate.

Finding an efficient data analyst packing a good business sense, knowledge of databases, and honed technical skill set is rare. However, it can be done, and the blog has facilitated the questions to help you.

While you can try out different questions, the core qualities to look for should remain the same. Try to improvise the questions as per your business nature, and you are sure to hire the best analyst.