What do you think about before choosing a daycare service? Which skills should be developed in privilege? Is your child ready to go to school? The answers to all of this may be given by a preschool in Brooklyn New York. Among different spheres of childhood development there are some that are crucial for preschoolers. That’s why this child care facility focuses on their training and studying while preparing kids for school.

Communication for socialization

A 5 or 6 year-olds can already perform the designated task together with other children. Toddlers learn to interact and take turns. During this period, it is good to teach the child making friends. Professionals of Quentin Road preschool do it through books and cartoons, show the kid how to approach another child, say hello, get to know each other, offer to play and build relationships. They also talk to the little ones about the individuality of people, tell why they need to respect others, forgive mistakes, control their emotions or avoid aggression.

Besides, children are taught how to conduct a dialogue, listen to the interlocutor and overcome their fears. These simple things will help your child quickly get used to any team, befriend. Of course, any skill takes practice. Hence, visiting preschool in Brooklyn New York is the best way to make your young one sociable and avoid various consequences, such as attention deficit disorder.

Education of independence

  • By the age of 5, tabies should take care of themselves on their own by:
  • taking shower;
  • brushing teeth;
  • washing hands before eating and after, as they become dirty;
  • making the bed;
  • collecting the toys;
  • dressing up and undressing;
  • putting on shoes and taking then off;
  • choosing clothes for a walk;
  • using a handkerchief;
  • eating.

These skills need not only be developed but also maintained. The goal of child care Brooklyn is to accustom the kid to self-discipline before attending school

Mental development

According to daycare Brooklyn, 5-6 years is the time of the peak child's mental capabilities. The kid not only wants to learn a lot of new things, but can also remember such a volume of information that is not available for any other age. The kid operates with various abstract concepts, looking for connections between objects, events. The child's psyche has matured, it is ready to understand and accept almost any data, realize it and find analogies with existing experience. Of course, the kid operates with his own knowledge base and concepts that do not always fit the chosen question.

The best daycare in Brooklyn recommends teaching the child to reason and develop the intellect since 5 years. This skill is easily instilled with simple conversations on the topic of interest to the baby. This technique works through not just answering "yes" or "no", but through reasoning, leading questions, helping the little one to draw their own conclusions. By 5.5 years old, it is good to teach babies to express their opinion using arguments. This skill is well stimulated by the provision of independence in simple matters.

The child's psyche is greatly influenced by their environment. At this time a lot of toddlers begin to treat themselves with criticism, comparing their appearance, physical and mental abilities with those of their peers. It is not recommended to add complexity by comparing it to other children. The team of preschool in Brooklyn New York believes that the best way to deal with this a catch 22 situation is to tell about the uniqueness of each person on Earth, making all people equal.