Law Firm Website
Law firms need to establish strong marketing tactics to maintain a steady stream of clients. While traditional marketing avenues are still popular today, it’s also recommended that law firms have a website. With 4.57 billion people on the Internet, having an active website has been proven to increase a business’ visibility. Here are some tips and tricks for effective law firm web design.

Accolades and achievements

Having awards prominently displayed lends credibility to your skills and builds trust in potential clients. You could also feature snippets from news articles about any cases your firm won. Practice restraint and keep only you’re most relevant or recent achievements on the homepage to avoid a cluttered layout.

Lawyers and law firms need to work with agencies that are able to best present their success rates and honours. The more an agency is able to build the reputation and credibility of a lawyer or a law firm, the better will be the number of leads and new clients they will be able to generate. This is why criminal defense attorney marketing is a very specialized field of activity that not all agencies and digital marketing companies can carry out. It requires industry knowledge, skill and know-how. 


Testimonials from past clients are vital in establishing trust with new ones. When site visitors read how satisfied your previous clients are with the service they received, the likelihood of them reaching out to you will increase. Include a few testimonials on your homepage slider but have a page dedicated to all your testimonials. Gather as many testimonials as you can to really send a message to potential clients about how prolific and successful your firm is.

Comprehensive attorney profiles

Having attorney profiles accessible to site visitors is a good way for potential clients to get the first impression of your attorneys. In a way, your attorneys are your firm’s unique selling point. It will reflect well for your firm to have attorneys with strong educational backgrounds and a history of providing legal services. Specify their area of legal practice so visitors will know immediately if your firm can provide the services they require.

Contact forms

Include a page where users can contact your firm for consultations or any queries. Simplify these forms to request only the most important information such as name, contact number or email, and the message. Other client information that may be important to their case can be collected once the client has formally availed of your services. Ensure that your site is secure to protect your client’s data privacy.

Design and functionality

In the digital platform, your website is where people derive their first impression of your firm. If the website has a messy layout or an outdated design, if it lags a lot or is frustrating to navigate, clients will just move on to your competitors. Never underestimate the positive impact a professional law firm web design could have on your business. Include your logo on your website to reinforce brand recognition and use colours that define your brand.

This article contains only a few of the many ways you can improve your website to give your law firm a professional and credible image and provide a pleasant browsing experience for site visitors. Experiment with different site layouts and designs and stay in touch with popular design trends to keep your site looking up-to-date. Run site audits to identify any problem areas and get them fixed as soon as possible. Maintaining a website isn’t easy, but the advantages will surely outweigh the costs.