Local SEO Tips

Search engine optimisation is a bit challenging tactic to implement for many businesses in the South-East part of Australia. It is intangible, keeps on updating, and multi-faceted marketing strategy. However, knowing the current competitive market, you being the business owner cannot ignore local SEO entirely. Mainly in a city like Melbourne – where local businesses are thriving once again.

Even Google has updated its algorithm and supports local businesses when possible. Also, you cannot deny the fact that local SEO helps you fight against your competitors by securing a top position on search engine result pages. But don't worry if you are a newbie and don't have any idea about local SEO services in Melbourne. Here in this article, you will get to know useful local SEO tips for gaining more clarity on how it can grow your business. Take a look.

1. Optimise for Mobile

According to the study, the website which is optimised for mobile is necessary for ranking on Google and other search engines. Along with designing a site that works well on all mobile devices, you should also keep in mind your customer's needs and add content accordingly to the site. Being a local Melbourne business owner, it should be your goal to entice local customers to visit your store. You can do it by providing what they desire for in your website.

2. Create a GMB Account

Are you wondering how some businesses get those spot-on Google search result pages where it looks, they have been featured? If yes, then your business can achieve that too. Whenever customers search for specific products or services on the search engine, providing the relevant information can help you gain their attention towards your business. However, for this purpose, you need to create Google My Business, i.e., a GMB account. Here you have to fill in all the details related to your business including website URL, phone number, address, and much more.

3. Local Reviews

Reviews play an essential part in your overall SEO strategy. It is a fact that customers will first look at the reviews on the website, Google or any review platform before purchasing any product or service. According to the survey, 68% of the users trust businesses that have positive reviews. Thus, ensure to gain more positive reviews and reply to negative ones. You can do it by telling customers to give reviews on your website or Google. Even you can provide some exciting offers to users who provide feedback on your services.

4. Optimise Keywords in Web Content

Keyword optimisation is one of the renowned local SEO tactics consider by many marketing companies. While it was vital to focus on key phrases that users type for their search query, it is equally essential to not overuse the keywords in your website content. That means never to use your keyword in every other sentence. Use it naturally and organically that doesn't look spammy. Also, you can consider using Google's Keyword Planner tool to know top and long-tail local keywords for your website. Using long-tail keywords in your web content increases the chances of getting higher rankings.

5. Consider Voice Search

As mentioned above, search engines are focusing on mobile traffic. However, as per the survey, many mobile users search on their phones using the listening feature. Approximately 20% of mobile search queries are voice searches, and 40% of those voice searches are for local companies. Thus, consider keywords in your local SEO strategy that is related to voice search. Typed search keywords and voice search keywords are a bit different from each other.

Final Words 

Now is the time to grow your Melbourne business by opting for local SEO services. If you don't have any idea where to begin, then above mentioned five tips would give a good head start. You will get to know what should be considered for your business growth and development. On top of it, you will also boost your customer base while generating enough sales and leads. However, implementing all the local SEO tactics alone can be a bit challenging. Hence, you can also hire a marketing agency in Melbourne for getting the value of your investment.