The financial services industry takes a huge place in the modern world. The most advanced innovative technologies of management, marketing, and organization of business processes are often used here. 

Financial services marketing has a number of features and, in addition, covers a large number of areas, in particular, the activities of banks, financial and investment companies and non-bank credit institutions. Moreover, this area of marketing includes a wide range of issues and functions.


The main directions of marketing for financial services:

1. Participation in professional events. The speeches of the company's representatives at conferences and forums as speakers allow it to form the image of a highly professional organization, in which real experts work both in the professional community and among potential clients. 

In addition, direct communication with participants in such events helps company representatives to establish contacts with potential clients, especially if you speak in their language. It is also worth paying attention to industry events that bring together representatives of sectors of the economy, potentially interesting companies. 

The schedule of most business events can be tracked on informational financial and industry websites, as well as on the websites of associations of financial market participants.


2. Internet Marketing. The main component of this part of the marketing strategy is the development of the company website, which should be safe and SEO optimized. 

The site should be clearly segmented - have sections for different categories of customers, containing information about different products of the company. 

From a sales point of view, the site usually brings the greatest return in the retail segment, so it must be tailored to the needs of private users and provide clear, visual information about the main products. 

For feedback with clients on the website, it is better to use a form with the ability to ask a question or contact a consultant. In the future you can create a section with the publication of the most frequent questions. 

In order to consolidate and maintain customer interest in the company and its products, you can also use newsletters.


Another component of internet marketing is social media. You need to understand that this area of marketing requires daily support and updates, otherwise its effectiveness will tend to zero.

If there are the necessary resources to maintain it, then priority platforms should be chosen. Social networks have different audiences, and this should be taken into consideration. 

Note also that in addition to constantly generating content for your page, you need to moderate it all the time, as well as monitor mentions and reviews about the company in the entire social network.


3. Marketing materials. Printed materials in the form of brochures, booklets, leaflets are a visual part of marketing activity. 

They can be used everywhere: at points of sale, at meetings with clients, at exhibitions and conferences, on the website (electronic versions of materials). 

To increase the return on marketing materials, it is necessary to monitor their availability and balances at points of sale and track their delivery processes. 

Such monitoring can be carried out on its own (if there are free employees) or by a third-party organization.