A pandemic in simpler words can be defined as "an epidemic occurring worldwide, or over a very wide area". As the definition suggests, pandemics often cross international boundaries and usually affect a large number of people. 

What is missing from the definition is the seriousness of the situation. The one we are witnessing right now has been because of the widespread of the COVID-19 infection. Given the harmful effects of this virus and its contagious nature, the whole world has been shut down because of this and asked to stay home by the government.

This can get quite boring. Let alone kids, even adults, are waiting for the day everything is safe, and they can take a troll in the park, go meet their friends and return to the normal routine of life. While that can take some time, there is an easy way out for meeting your friends. 

The only advised mode of contact right now is through calls and text messages. That can be boring after a point. People all around the world have already started to find new ways to stay connected with their friends.

Even though you, as an adult can understand the graveness of the situation right now, you cannot expect your child to not miss their friends or get impatient easily. This is where online forums come in with a helping hand. 

These forums provide an easy and fun way of getting to talk to your friends while having to miss out on other things. If you are still wondering how to help your child have fun while maintaining the rules of this pandemic, these points mentioned below are some great ideas you should try implementing.

1. Online Cooking Competition Through Video Chat

Cooking, the same food with friends, can be a lot of fun while helping them gain cooking knowledge at the same time. Friends who stay in different countries can share their local food and cuisine with each other, and make different types of local food and cuisines famous globally. 

Along with having fun, you can also earn money through some of these online cooking classes and further help charities fight the current world situation by donating it.

2. Online Music Concerts

Music is a great source of mental recreation during any pandemic. People can also practice it by staying at home, making such events more suitable for a time like this. 

Online Music Concerts

This interesting event not only allows you to be able to play with friends, but you can also practice individually to find your mental satisfaction and happiness with your performance. Studies have shown how soft music can significantly help with relaxation and stress control.

3. Online Games Like Ludo

Ludo is one of the oldest and most famous games in India. Earlier known as Chaupar, it is a strategy board game that four people can play together. In the current pandemic situation, the ludo wala game has become one of the most common pastimes among friends.

This game is very famous in different countries with different names. Considering its popularity, this game is now also available online. You could play a Ludo game online via android devices, the one with the best ratings is Ludo Supreme. 

Its inception in the online world has also made it popular amongst youngsters. To make it more interesting, this app lets you log in with your Paytm account and earn money in real-time as well.

4. Online Painting Party

Painting is a great source of stress management during a pandemic where people are bound to stay at home. Virtual painting parties with friends can be great fun. Since you or your younglings cannot meet friends now, you can host a virtual painting party for everyone to take part in.

While the school-goers are the ones having the most fun in events like these, adults can like it too. Since these events are hosted among your friends, they can draw anything without any pressure from their teachers. It brings lots of happiness and enthusiasm about painting to them.

5. Online Recitation

This is another great online event among friends who have similar interests. In an event like this, friends can recite poems of their favourite authors. Not only that, but you can also make it into a game with question answers or have each one come up and tell what they understood from the poem. Along with giving your kids and friends a better understanding of why you choose the poem, it will be a fun gathering after a long time as well.

6. Online Yoga Practice

The importance of yoga has been predominantly known all throughout the world, especially in its birthplace, India. It is known to cure all kinds of diseases if practised properly. 

If your friends and family are interested in yoga, you can set up a conference with a guru for everyone. Once that is over, you and your friends can try out all the poses taught and have a good laugh in this distressful time. 

Yoga can create mind refreshment and also improve immunity power. Thus young friends' groups will also be very enthusiastic about yoga practice.

7. Sharing Childhood Memory

Another fascinating event is this simple thing. Make sure to call all your or your kid's closest friends and set up a video conference, where they can share their best or worst childhood memories together. 

With all of your loved ones around, not only will you feel happy and energised, but you can also talk about whatever happened in your life since the pandemic started. This will help take a lot off your shoulder and make surviving this pandemic a tad bit easier.

8. Online Dance Practice

Dance is one of the best stress busters among the young generation. Dance performance with friends can be a great way to rejuvenate your energies. 

During any pandemic, friends can create different online dance groups among themselves to show what they have learnt or new skills that they have practised. Along with some practice, they can also learn about what their other friends are doing.


These are some ways where friends can stay connected with each other during any pandemic situation and stay positive. Happiness is the only way to pull through this pandemic, and friends are the primary source of happiness in one's life.