If you are a wife tasked with getting a gift for your husband, you know just how difficult a task this might be. If you are married to a schmuck, the wrong gift could end up in screaming galore.

Of course, that is an exaggeration. Husbands do not scream. However, as any husband knows, getting the wrong gift requires more than a little bit of composure as the smiles and the nods of appreciation are doled out to the oblivious gifters. It is not as if husbands are ungrateful. We are not. We simply like a little excitement. Of course, to be fair, a new tie is exciting. However, a gel blaster would also make an exciting gift. In fact, receiving a gel blaster pistol, rifle, or machine gun would make for an amazing day. That said, I hope you do not misinterpret my sentiments. I absolutely loved the ties I got last year.

1. Gel blaster: any style

Although any husband would love any gel blaster as a gift, he would truly appreciate receiving an M24 sniper blaster. The M24 offers a realistic shooting experience in that the rifle has two bipod feet that can be extended for ideal aim. That said, this is such a popular gift that it is often sold out. In this case, the M82A1 rifle would be a remarkable alternative as it features a military design and comes with a magazine as well as a streamlined scope.

2. Helicopter tour

Of course, the best way to enjoy shooting a gel blaster is via helicopter. In a competitive event, a helicopter tour would allow your husband to lean way out of the copter and aim at the unsuspecting participants. If that does not seem like a safe option, your husband could stage a competition in the afternoon once he returned from his adventure sightseeing from the sky. In fact, since you know you are going to lose your husband to hours of shooting his gel blaster, a helicopter tour over the Australian landscape will make for a good way to spend some time with him.

3. Trip to the moon

Of course, a trip to the moon is not a realistic option, but a gel blaster would make him feel as if he had taken a trip to the moon.

4. Rifle case

Of course, one of the best gifts for any husband is a rifle case or backpack. With a backpack, he could easily carry extra ammo, more weapons, or some backup batteries. One thing about this gift is that a rifle case will seem like a strange gift if it does not accompany a gel blaster.

5. Charter cruise

Once the day is done and all the ammo has been splattered at targets or other family members, the best way to wind down is to enjoy a dinner cruise and a sunset. A dinner cruise would allow you to spend time either on deck or in the dining lounge where you could enjoy champagne or a catered dinner.

6. Chocolate

Chocolate is not just for women. In fact, men love boxes of chocolate liqueur with bite-size shots of whisky or bourbon. Other popular flavors include mint liqueur with a touch of coffee.

If you want to add a fun accessory to this gift, you can purchase tiny chocolate cups, which can be used for shots. Once your husband has downed a shot, he can chase it with a bite from the chocolate cup. Of course, this gift has absolutely nothing to do with gel blasters, but if you are intent on not purchasing one for your husband, you might as well console him with alcohol and chocolate.

7. Hiking boots

A good pair of hiking boots will provide lots of traction when he is either hiking or running from people shooting gel blasters.

8. A tie: if you are absolutely determined not to get him a gel blaster

Some of the most humorous ties available come in the shape of a Christmas tree. Additionally, you could get him a movie-themed tie or a tie with a gift-wrapping pattern on it. Other types of ties include ones with 3D reindeer or elves stitched to material. Finally, he might like a tie that is actually lined with LED lights.

Of course, he does not want a tie. He wants a gel blaster.

Author’s Bio: Lisa Eclesworth is a notable and influential lifestyle writer. She is a mom of two and a successful homemaker. She loves to cook and create beautiful projects with her family. She writes informative and fun articles that her readers love and enjoy. You can directly connect with her on email - [email protected] or visit her website