Dog Furniture
Your dog enjoys the soft and cozy feel of a comfortable bed just as much as you. Whether it's a miniature model of a human sofa or crafted specifically for your pet, dog furniture helps your fur-baby relax and sleep peacefully. The style of the furniture should complement your decor taste, while the design should provide exceptional support for your pet. When choosing furniture for your dog, apply these five tips to ensure you select the perfect piece.

1. Fabric

Tightly woven fabrics work well for dogs who are prone to scratch or chew. Ideal for pet stains, microfiber fabrics are easy to clean and maintain. This type of fabric also boasts a tight weave pattern to prevent snags and tears from sharp nails.

Furniture with outdoor fabrics generally offers water-resistance perfect for accidental bathroom breaks. From biting to gnawing at furniture, outdoor fabric is typically a durable material capable of withstanding considerable abuse from your dog.

Leather does not snag as much as other fabrics and offers water-resistance for doggy drool or other excretions. Wiping away moisture and stains is easy with a damp towel, and removing fur from leather is simple with a vacuum or dry towel. Some pet lovers opt for cruelty-free faux leather or pleather as an alternative which works just as well.

Canvas fabrics bring a soft touch to your pet furniture. Canvas is generally a cotton-type material, and canvas gives you a wider selection of patterns suitable for the habits of your dog.

2. Color

The color of your pet furniture works best when it coordinates with your existing decor style. However, choosing the right color for your doggy furniture depends on the color of your pet's fur. To keep fur easily concealed, you should select furniture with a similar color tone to your pet. For example, pets with white fur should relax on beds or sofas with light-colored fabric. Pets with brown or black fur should rest on furniture with multicolored patterns or darker color shades.

3. Maintenance

Whether you wash your pet's bed or sofa fabric regularly or simply wipe down the material daily, maintenance should play a large part in your selection process. Many fabrics easily absorb odors and stains, so you should choose furniture with low maintenance fabrics for your active pet. Most dogs are messy, and innocently track dirt throughout the home and over furniture. These traits make cleaning your pet furniture regularly a daunting task. For less hassle and more preservation, furniture with machine-washable fabric works best for your dog.

4. Cushions

To inspire restful sleep and relaxation, your pet bed should pair soft fabric with plush cushioning. From ergonomically designed memory foam to poly fiberfill, the right cushions provide a soothing touch to help your dog unwind. Whether your pet suffers from arthritis or other joint disorders, furniture with thick padding gives your dog the comfort and support they'll need to stay happy and playful. Although a sturdy frame and durable fabric are vital to your pet's furniture, foam cushions with minimal flattening are best suited for active dogs.

In addition to the cushions on your pet bed, it is important to consider the size and shape of the bed. A comfortable dog bed should be 8 to 12 inches larger than your dog to accommodate their sleeping style. Some dogs like to curl up, while other dogs like to sprawl out. The design, size, and shape of the bed help keep your dog comfy while he sleeps or relaxes.

5. Features

Pet beds and sofas are available with a variety of features to accommodate your dog's habits and personality. For dogs who enjoy laying under the bed or relaxing in secluded areas, a pet bed with a hooded design works well. In some cases, a heated dog bed provides added comfort for dogs who feel chilly easily. If you plan to place the dog bed outdoors or on your porch, waterproof materials deliver the best option. Before choosing pet furniture, determine what features satisfy the personality of your dog.

Though your dog craves love and affection for happiness, their comfort level plays a major role in their relaxation. Furniture with pet-inspired designs or pet-friendly features ensure your pet can relax effortlessly after a long day of running, jumping, and playing.

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