Moving House Checklist
The thought of moving to your dream home is an exciting prospect. After all, moving house entails more than just moving to a new neighbourhood; it’s also about starting fresh or finding a new beginning.

However, before that day finally comes, you need to plan ahead for your move to have a stress-free relocation. So, to ensure moving day doesn’t turn into a nightmare, follow the tips in this essential moving house checklist:

1. Book a removalist service

As much as possible, book your chosen removalist at least two months prior to your move date. By arranging this early on, you can avoid the high cost of a last-minute booking. Also, if your move is scheduled during the peak season, you won’t be forced to deal with a removalist you’re unsure of just because the one you want is fully booked.

2. Determine your storage needs

Evaluate your possessions the moment your decision to move is final. Check if you’ll require a storage facility and whether it will be for the long or short term. Getting this sorted out well ahead of your move date can mean getting a better deal – whether you’ll get onsite storage in your new location or secure your belongings in the provider’s storage premises.

3. Take care of pet and vehicle transportation

Whether you have a caravan, jet ski, boat or trailer and a couple of pets, you need to decide on how you’ll get them transported to your new place. Since you’ll be needing special transport services for these, make sure you deal with reputable and reliable Hong Kong pet relocation services that have an excellent track record.

4. Pack your things

Start packing at least a month away from the big move. This means decluttering and segregating your possessions into separate piles. Designate a spot for items you’ll keep, give away, sell or bin.

Once you’re done with this step, dispose of the ‘bin items’ in the trash. You can hold a garage sale for items you want to sell or donate usable items you have no need for to charity or friends and family who’ll find a use for them.

Finally, you can start organising the items you’ll keep and begin packing these in sturdy boxes. Make sure you have all your packing supplies ready, including packing tape, scissors, box cutters, permanent markers, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc.

To get the work done faster, you can ask willing family and friends to help out. However, make sure you set aside fragile, valuable, or big-ticket items that require expert packing or specialised packaging. You can ask your removalist to help you with these later in case you can’t pack them on your own; however, be prepared to pay a fee for this extra service.

Make sure all boxes are properly labelled to ensure efficient unpacking later.

5. Get all the paperwork done

If you have bills, utilities and banking documents to settle, make sure you allocate time to do these things so all essential paperwork is accomplished prior to your move.
Plan ahead for an easy-breezy move

Moving to your dream home is something you should enjoy and look forward to.

There’s nothing like a well-planned move to make relocating so much easier. Make sure you refer to this checklist for an easy-breezy move and a great start in your new home.