We humans are mere dots in the vast Universe, which contains a massive amount of energy. This energy constantly changes from one form, even though it isn’t always visible. Stones and healing crystals on the Earth also contain the same energy. Through a number of studies, it has been observed that both of them have properties that help to power modern technology. With such properties, crystals are also able to activate the body’s intrinsic healing powers.

People may not be aware of the fact that several crystals constitute the medicines available in different cultures. Going by the levels of stress in all our lives these days, and more so as a result of COVID-19, it would be best to start looking for crystals shop. The COVID-19 pandemic has made many people work from home for several hours, with the number of hours becoming bothersome for many. Keeping crystals by the bed, on the study table, and in other convenient places would help us gain positive energy.

What are crystals?

Crystals are recognized as solidified atoms of minerals available in ordered structures. They take a number of years to form within the Earth. Crystals are the natural rocks which can vibrate at frequencies higher than most objects in our world. As they are able to connect with the seven chakras of our minds, they automatically become capable of healing the physical and emotional states of humans. In fact, the first invented radios used crystals to transmit radio waves.

How a healing crystal works

Every crystal has to be aligned with the right type of intention, and only then will it give fruitful results. With the correct intention, there exists no limit to the degree of healing that can be achieved. All healing crystals work in the following ways-

a) Rejuvenation - The crystals are able to transfer energy into the body in the way in which electricity flows, owing to the transfer of electrical energy. This transfer of energy works to rejuvenate an individual.

b) Attaining balance - Positive energy always woks to keep a person healthy and balanced. However, there are times when this energy becomes misaligned, causing issues such as stress. Crystals and stones help to remove blockages and restore the balance of energy.

c) Removal of negative energy - Similar to the action of a magnet, a crystal has the ability to suck out negative energy from the human body

Methods to use the crystals and stones

1. Wearing crystals - For positive energy to be transferred, one would need to have direct contact with the crystals

2. Sleeping with crystals - It has been proclaimed since ages that the best way to be healed is to have a good sleep. Crystals help to amplify the healing process, but one would need to sleep while wearing them as it allows them to work through the night. By doing so over a period of time, one can wipe out hurdles and also prevent oneself from being affected by self-damaging thoughts.

3. Rubbing them on the body - Place a crystal on a chakra or a suitable part of the body and rub it there. This helps the stone to enhance its healing properties and bestow them upon the person.

4. Keep it close - Remember to hold the crystal in both hands for some time during the day after cleaning it with sunlight or cold running water. While holding it, focus on the intention desired on life, whereby the crystal will be programmed with it.

5. Crystals for goals - If one’s goals happen to be in the present tense, as if already true, empower a crystal with the same and put it on the sheet containing the goals

The characteristics of different stones and crystals vary from each other. While a few of them are meant to be used for enhancing focus, there are others which help to gain positive energy. For instance, citrines and clear quartz at workplaces enhance employee focus. Individuals looking to calm themselves with the help of knowledge and assurance should have crystals around. Crystals such as Amethyst help to decrease anxiety levels.

The presence of a crystal will make a person feel as though he or she is truly making a mark in the Universe. Events that he or she wishes to unfurl in life will start happening, in several cases.

Zodiac signs and crystals

Buyers have the privilege to order crystal bracelets specific to their own zodiac signs. As these signs are governed by planetary positions, characteristics of the signs have to be aligned with bracelets. This helps to protect the wearers from harmful planetary impacts. As an example, Carnelian crystals bracelets are able to protect from fear and anger and stimulate creative thinking, with respect to the Leo sign. Yet another crystal, the Black onyx, once again for Leo, rejuvenates emotional and physical emotional stamina that may be exhausted in attempting to do good for others.