New Technologies

When new technologies are introduced, the focus is usually on how each one can benefit business or personal lives, but rarely on how these things can overlap and build on each other. Finding new ways to maintain a healthy work-life balance is on the minds of everyone from CEOs to line workers and using the newest tech to boost that balance can provide benefits across the spectrum.

Solar Power

With the technology surrounding renewable power sources improving consistently and solar panel cost dropping each year, more businesses and private homeowners are investing in solar power. Not only can this save you money on your utility bills, but you can also be better prepared for power outages, charge devices on the go and avoid factoring the cost of gas into road trips. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance means that you are working enough to pay for the lifestyle you want while being able to take time off to enjoy your favorite activities such as family campouts or movie nights. You can even take solar panels with you to combine these activities without bulky and loud gasoline powered generators.

Remote Work

Remote work has been a staple of many companies for years, but recent technological innovations have increased the productivity and accessibility of this flexible employee option. With cloud platforms your company’s teams can work in real-time together on important projects even when miles apart. New security techniques such as RFID cards to unlock company devices or mobile Wi-Fi hotspot devices make it easier to provide employees remote access to important data without compromising your security. By setting yourself and your employees concrete to-do lists daily and weekly, you can help improve the work and home separation to make it easier to maintain balance.

Online Communication

In addition to communicating over cloud platforms and company software, the internet has brought a new level to communication for both business and personal endeavors. You can check-in from home for late-night medical concerns and video chat with a doctor or nurse, you can find online forums and connect with people who have similar interests or challenges and you can keep in touch with family and friends through social media. In an age where remote work is becoming more common, you can even set up a virtual conference room for weekly meetings and get updates without leaving your desk. While online communication can streamline processes and add more life to your balance, it can also lower company costs by eliminating the need for business travel and by moving the workforce off-site.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality can benefit everyday life by allowing customers and potential investors to see what products look like in their spaces, by allowing virtual walk-throughs of redesigned spaces and much more. This technology was first made popular through video games on consoles and mobile devices but is quickly changing the way that customers shop and inventors pitch ideas. Medical professionals are even using AR to assist in procedures and to keep patient morale high during treatment.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, IoT, is a system of RFID chips placed on or in products and scanners used to track them in real time. This technology is already being used in warehouses to accurately count inventory and track shipments and in hospitals to identify and locate patients. Smart houses can use the IoT to keep track of connected devices such as robot vacuums, security cameras and even the lights in your fridge to keep everything running smoothly whether you are at home or work. The biggest benefit of using the Internet of Things in business and personal life is that it does not require human-to-computer or computer-to-computer communication to function accurately.

While much of the newest technology seems to benefit either business or personal life, the reality is that most boosts the quality of both as well as helps to maintain a healthy work-life balance. You can use new tools and techniques to reduce business costs and improve productivity at work and adapt the same things to make life easier and more relaxing at home.