The Katy freeway frequently witnesses traffic accidents because it is surrounded by three counties, namely Waller, Fort Bend, and Harris. An accident report issued by the Katy police department is usually made available within ten days of sending a request via email or a phone call.

The requestor’s name, contact number, and location of the incident are required to process a motor vehicle accident report. You can purchase the crash report for a sum of $6 from the local police authorities.

When you hire a Katy Car Accident Lawyer, they enlighten you on the essential aspects that protect your rights and support your claim battle. Suggested here are steps to follow should you find yourself involved in a motor vehicle accident within Katy city limits:

Move Your Car to a Safe Spot

Texas laws dictate that if your vehicle is causing a jam, it must be safely moved away to facilitate traffic flow. You must either park it off the road or to one side. If your vehicle is in a badly damaged condition and cannot be driven, you move away from the crash site to safety, if possible. Contact emergency services, which can help you tow your car a safe distance away until the necessary formalities are completed.

Seek Medical Assistance

Inform your doctor of any injury, pain, or ache you are experiencing, even if it seems minor. Neglecting even the slightest discomfort is not advisable as it could be the start of something severe.

Delayed intervention by a medical practitioner could deny you your right to an injury claim. A prompt medical evaluation and the subsequent generation of a medical record strengthens your case. They prove that injuries received by you are a consequence of the motor accident.

Gather Relevant Information

All evidence comes in handy when the time comes to build your case and demand compensation for injuries caused by someone else's negligence. While still in a fit condition, take pictures of the accident location and the vehicles involved to capture the extent of the damage.

Take down the contact details of eyewitnesses present so they can be contacted subsequently by your lawyer.

Reach Out For Legal Aid

A serious accident demands the intervention of a qualified attorney who can ensure that every requisite step is complied with while taking the legal route. Your Katy Car Accident Lawyer is equipped to negotiate with insurance agents keen to part with minimal compensation, if at all.

Let your lawyer directly communicate with the insurance providers, so you get a fair deal on all fronts. A legal fight grants you an opportunity to recover the money you deserve, especially from manipulative third parties.

Report the Accident

A preliminary investigation is conducted by the police team dispatched to the scene by immediately reporting the accident. The police report generated is an outcome of this inquiry and documents relevant inputs specific to the crash.

All the facts uncovered are legally valid and can be produced when the time is appropriate. In many cases, either the driver does not have a valid license or the vehicle's insurance coverage involved in the crash has expired.

Take advantage of the legal option at your disposal by approaching a seasoned practitioner. An accident lawyer in Katy uses their expertise to advise you correctly and has your back right through.
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