In the UAE, the property market is in a booming mode and has become buyer-friendly. With the rapid maturity of the market during the last few years, property prices have come down quite a bit, enabling people to own a property in the country without much concern.
Buying Decision

What is more, online platforms have made property searches more painless than ever. With numerous property websites, people can gain access to a large number of property listings. And the inbuilt search tools allow people to filter results by price, the number of bedrooms &bathrooms, location, etc.

Remarkably, the UAE offers a fantastic lifestyle that lures people to migrate and settle down in the country. As such, the property market in the country has become attractive more than ever.

Despite the many attractiveness of owning a property in the country, it is also not fair to purchase in haste but do some due diligence beforehand.

It will help if you consider the following factors before looking for properties for sale in UAE:

Purchase Objective

The very first thing to consider is why you wish to invest in a property in the UAE. Make yourself clear about the reason for investing in a property--whether it is for your living or renting out. If your objective is to rent out, then consider a property that will elicit high returns. On the contrary, if you want to buy a property for living, choose a situated property in a good locality.

Your Budget

Figure out how much you can spend on buying a property. In the UAE, financial institutions can finance up to 75 percent of the property value, and the rest falls upon your shoulders as the down payment.

Therefore, figure out how much money you can spend on the down payment and the monthly mortgage repayments. And, look for a property that suits your budget.

The Community

It is crucial to choose a neighborhood that catalyzes your children's mental development and simultaneously offers you and your family a pleasant place to live in.

Check out whether the area has ample open space with parks, football grounds, swimming pools, etc. to enable your family members to leave the confines of the home and get some physical exercise. Choose a place where there is ample greenery space.

Good Schools Nearby

The availability of the right school within a moderate distance from the property you wish to buy is an essential factor to consider if you have young children. For example, the government has decided to relocate most schools in Abu Dhabi to the outskirts of the city, so if you are looking for buying a property in Abu Dhabi, it will help if you focus on the Khalifa City in Al Raha Beach area. And you will find good schools in Dubai in and around the Jumeirah area along the stretch from Dubai Marina to Dubai Mall.


The traffic density determines your life on the road every day. High traffic density can cause frustration and stress. Therefore, figure out how long you are likely to be on the road every day. Also, bear in mind that traffic movement is becoming a significant concern in the UAE with a steady influx of people. You can therefore look for a property on the outskirts to avoid the traffic hassles.

Public Transportation

If you want to avoid the unpredictable traffic build-ups, choose a locality with sufficient public transportation facilities. But that will be no big issue as there are a variety of public transportation options in the UAE. There are taxis, buses, and metro rail as parts of the public transportation circuit, and most communities have public transportation links.

Good Real Estate Agent or Developer

Lastly, you need to find a developer or real estate agent who understands your requirements and suggests appropriate properties. You can do the following to find the right one:
  • Check reviews on their websites
  • Ask someone who know the agent or developer
  • When you interact with the agent or developer, ask about their sales history, licensing number, experience, and references
  • Visit his physical office
  • Check if he has good relations with other agents and can show you a broad range of properties.


Buying a property in the UAE has become a lot easier nowadays with the availability of reliable online platforms, like Toplatest, which converges all the latest properties from all the leading property websites on a single platform, easing your search.