Nitrogen Generator System?
There are so many benefits of generating nitrogen, hence, it is essential to know its purpose, and how it functions. At Unitor Generon N2 System repair in Singapore, we want to guide you through this article. However, it is vital that we first define the term "Nitrogen. "

Nitrogen is simply what aids oxygen in our environment. It is like a vehicle that allows oxygen for its sustenance. However, it does a lot more than that as it has a wide range of characteristics that make it ideal for several industrial applications.

Its most essential feature is that nitrogen functions as an inert gas. This means that it is slow when it comes to reacting with other substances, making it ideal for both slow and fast oxidation purposes.

A good example of slow oxidation in the electronic industry is the corrosion of circuit boards while fast oxidation is explosions and fires. Nitrogen aids in the prevention of such cases in industries.

Also, nitrogen is odorless and colorless, which makes it an ideal medium for the production of foods and beverages in the food and beverage industries. Nitrogen is used to extend the expiration date of some food products.

Due to these properties, the demand for nitrogen has continued to grow in many industrial sectors across the globe, ranging from the chemical industries to automotive industries, to aquaculture, and also injection molding.

Nitrogen, the World's Most Abundant Gas

Even with the constantly growing demand for nitrogen gas across the globe, it is still abundant as it makes up most of the air we breathe. However, this does not make it readily available for use in the previously mentioned industrial applications amongst many others.

The gas can be obtained through three basic mediums namely; on-site nitrogen tank leases by companies, personal generating of the gas, or delivering the gas in high-pressure bottles. However, many companies tend to prefer that they either lease an on-site tank or deliver the gas in high-pressured bottles, as they see nitrogen generation on their own as expensive, inefficient, and inconvenient.

However, this might not be the case as there are ways in which this gas can be generated, controlled, purified, and even pressured for any application. Hence, it provides sufficient supply of the gas whenever it is required.

How a Nitrogen Generator Functions

The nitrogen generator has a simple working principle. It functions through the use of thin compressed air to separate nitrogen molecules from oxygen molecules.

However, it can only be done using a membrane generator or a Pressure swing absorption (PSA) nitrogen generator that is connected to a compressor.

Now the question is which technology is better? Well, the direct response will be that "it depends on the nitrogen quality you would require." For example, you can use a low nitrogen purity level of about 90-99% as well as a membrane nitrogen generator if you wish you to inflate your tires.

However, we recommend the Pressure swing absorption generator for you if you desire to achieve very high purities of about 99.999% or 10 parts per million (PPM) or even higher. A good example of where you can use this kind of generator is in the food industry or for plastic molding.

Besides the fact that companies are allowed to control the amount of nitrogen they will want to produce with the right amount of pressure and the degree of purity, there are so many other benefits of personally generating your gas yourself.

These benefits include; that they are no longer affected by price fluctuations in the nitrogen market, it helps them save the cost of transportation, and prevents delays that may arise if a third party is involved.

Also, businesses that generate their nitrogen gas are not subject to facing safety hazards that may arise if they were handling high-pressure cylinders. They will prevent incurring waste relating to boil-off losses or the need to return high-pressure bottles that cannot be completely emptied.


Over time, you would realize that your initial investment in a nitrogen generator will pay off. This is because when you compare and contrast the operating cost when you produce your nitrogen gas and when you have to source the gas through other mediums, you would realize that the operating costs are significantly lower than getting nitrogen from a third party.

We, therefore, advise you to start making the proper arrangements for generating your nitrogen if you haven't. At Giantech, we always put our clients first. We are concerned about your progress and that is why we are on a quest to serve you with the best nitrogen generator system.

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