The history of wall coverings is different, dating back to the 15th century.Although once considered a background decoration rather than a foreground, wallpaper has always played an important role in enhancing.

With today's tremendous options, the designer's choice of wallpaper and its use have a significant impact on the overall decoration scheme. Below are the main ways wallpapers can improve the design of your drawing room.

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1. Dictate the background bookshelf of style wallpaper design ideas

The colour of the walls promotes the mood, but the designer wallpaper design does a little more. Visually, it provides a direction for a particular style. The damask print perfectly represents the traditional drawing room, similar to the honeycomb pattern in the modern drawing-room.

2. Marble wallpaper

Marble wallpaper drawing room design

Designer wallpapers are a great way to enhance your room design with a dramatic "wow" without investing in expensive art and lighting. Whether it's a marbled pattern with sparkling gold splashes or a whimsical forest motif, wallpapers can inspire space through colour and art.

3. Creatively cover the door

Don't overlook the door as a surface with potential coverage. Use the door panel wallpaper to be creative and give it a variety of looks. And those old-fashioned mirrored sliding closet doors? As a modern alternative, cover them with removable glue wallpaper like this little metal track.

4. Bring nature

Adding elements of nature is not limited to placing a beautiful banyan tree in the corner. The floral pattern is reminiscent of the colourful spring garden in the living room, and the green fern pattern calms the home office.

5. Invite an accent wall

Accented walls play an important role in improving the design of the room. Add another layer of colour and pattern wallpaper to your prominent wall, niche, or fireplace wall to enhance your interest. Textured wallpapers go a step further with other added design elements.

Do you feel bold? Creating wallpaper for the ceiling, which is the fifth wall, may be necessary to completely change the space's atmosphere.

6. Behave like art

The design wallpaper itself can function as a work of art. Whether you want to cover the entire wall or assemble it in pieces, this is one way to add decorative beauty to your room design. The texture of the bark helps bring the design of the room to life.

Decoration Wallpaper Design Ideas

As plant-inspired wallpapers hit the market, unique floral patterns and patterns have made a big comeback. Textures also stand out as the best wallpaper option and will help you create an interesting and cozy atmosphere in your home.

There is also a backlash against more traditional wallpaper designs inspired by the past. There are lots of papers inspired by the herd, and we see more traditional designs and colours bring a refreshing return. Today, there are many different things in the world of wallpapers that will surely inspire you. Here's our view on the best wallpaper ideas:

Bird print

Bold bird print wallpapers and oversized scales add playfulness to any room in your home for a maximum look. It is ideal for adding depth to a room through accented walls or for small areas such as vanities and entrances.

Geometric print 

Communicate the immersive spirit of the Art Deco era with wall coverings with symmetrical geometric prints and graphics. It never goes out of date while adding everyday charm to your home.

To look good and stay timeless, choose classic colours that you won't get tired of as trends come and go.

Black stripe

As long as you stick to classic colours that are easy on the eyes, choose bold striped graphics that don't feel outdated. Consider a warm and strong neutral colour for a sharp look.

Stripes are also great for making small spaces look bigger than they are and are suitable for all types of furniture and almost any design style.