Medical marketers should be able to set-up marketing strategies to help you target your market and have an edge over competitors. Medical SEO can help healthcare websites increase the chances of being pulled-up in search engines. Medical SEO involves strategies like managing and improving website content to appear relevant during online searches while ensuring to be still within regulations as countries like Singapore impose strict guidelines on medical SEO.

Search engines for example use a complex criterion to rank the websites. Now, to be on the top results (compared to your competitors), the clinic’s website should be improved enough in terms of online content and other factors which is a job for medical marketers. In Singapore, you may contact an expert medical marketer such as Healthmark that offers unique strategies for medical marketing. Healthmark has helped around 50 medical websites and could help you showcase your expertise and have an edge over your competitors but also making sure marketing is within regulations. 

Common strategies used for medical marketing

For physicians, hospitals, clinical networks, caregivers, healthcare suppliers, and facilities, medical marketing is a tactic that is essential to help their businesses grow and win more patients. Responsiveness and awareness are demanded by dramatic shifts in the markets of the medical practice sector. Competition is very tough and health care professionals must always be aware of the strategies to keep their businesses in tip-top shape. Meaning, medical practitioners turn to medical marketing management experts to boost their brand and increase the volume of the patient population that avail of their services and care. If you’re a doctor and want to understand how medical marketing works and how it can benefit your business, here are the common well-planned medical marketing strategies implemented by experts.

Traditional marketing options

In the past, the most common forms of advertisement and marketing used by most clinics, medical groups, and practices are radio, television, posters, and printed media like magazines or newspapers. While these practices are still used today, this route may require you to spend a lot of money only to get little results. This is because society’s mode of getting information nowadays is through the internet. Before committing to these traditional modes of medical marketing, weigh in your options first. 

Patient feedback

Patients usually leave feedback only when they are inspired to do so, or if they have had an experience that is highly positive or beyond the ordinary. The opposite is also true where patients can leave a negative review if they experienced bad service or treatment. So, only depending on patient feedback and testimonials can is not enough and can even paint your business as mediocre or poor if there are several negative reviews. In this light, medical marketers can help you improve how you conduct a patient review and help you balance the poor reviews. This way, you can better understand patient experience and employ improvements and resolve problems. 

Use of Social Media

For a major part of their digital health care communications campaigns, so many hospitals and healthcare practitioners rely on social networking sites. This is obvious as almost everyone you know who is old enough to sign up for a social media account has one. This means a wider reach for target customers, when in the case of medical practitioners and institutions, patients. Organic posts from your business and professional pages (meaning they are not paid advertisements) are a great way to entice potential patients. These posts should have quality contents that are easy to understand and share. While organic posts are effective, you can also invest in paid advertisements in these social networks to better reach your target audience. 

Good SEO Campaign 

Let us take for example this scenario – a person wishes to visit a dentist but doesn’t know who is nearby. As most people do nowadays, he will do an online search. With just a few taps, the search engine (e.g. Google) will produce a top result - a dentist’s clinic within walking distance. Now, let us say you are also a dentist nearby – how will you be able to increase chances of being pulled-up in the search? This is where medical marketing comes in – to help medical facilities on marketing their services. Medical marketing uses methods such as website design, social media marketing, and medical Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

A good SEO consultancy not only focuses on the ranking of search engines but, most importantly, how they can support your company. So, do they start asking questions such as what makes your product, material, and/or service special and thus useful to customers? In other words, to ensure that these are reflected on your site for your existing and prospective intended customers, they ought to know these details. They must also be knowledgeable of what your average client looks like for better targeting. Also, they must be able to identify who are your rivals and what are they doing well online and offline.