E-commerce Sales and Conversions
With the rise in the use of e-commerce platforms, it is important to offer quality service in order to not lose customers to the competitors. This can be tracked by watching the site’s conversion rates. Simply put, conversion rates show how much of the people visiting the business site become customers.

Typically, this might involve adding a product to the wish list, signing up for the newsletter, or making a purchase. For the existing number of almost 1.3 million e-commerce sites in the US, the average conversion rate is 2-3%.

Whether the site in question here is a family-run retail business or a vast e-commerce platform like Pinduoduo, this article describes a few tactics to boost e-commerce sales and conversion.

Ways To Boost Your Sales And Conversions

Optimize Landing Pages

The landing page of a business site decides whether the visitor will go ahead to look around or leave the page immediately. Landing pages that are slow to load lose the consumer's interest quickly. Attractive, easily accessible landing pages that are simple to navigate increase engagement drastically.

Some establishments face confusion before the launch of their online stores. For situations like this, landing page optimization is done by running the A/B test. This test helps the business owner in choosing a page that is not too distracting and generates sales.

The testing is done by directing 50% of the traffic to variation A of the web page and the other 50% to variation B. Tracking the pages show which variation has more engagement and conversion rates; this makes optimization of the landing page much simpler.

Quality Product Images

Given the importance of presentation in how products are perceived, high-quality product images are critical in increasing conversion and sales. Highly detailed images of the product allow the potential buyer to view the item well and this encourages them to make the purchase.

Including shots of the product from multiple angles also helps the visitor to visualize the product and see if it fits their needs. Using a high-quality camera or efficient lighting techniques to add depth and details to the product is always appreciated. Thus, investing in good product photography is suggested.

In addition, there are tools that optimize images for the web and the mobile versions of the platform. Making use of these tools keeps the buyers interested in the product. Regardless of the product being sold, poorly lit and grainy pictures should be avoided at all costs.

Provide Detailed Product Descriptions

Detailed product descriptions help in garnering the customer’s trust. When the online portals fail to give necessary information about the product, the consumer’s decision-making process comes to an abrupt end. Without enough details, they lose interest in the item and click away.

To hook in the interests of the people viewing the item, providing a concise yet informative description of the product goes a long way. Writing proper product descriptions that are search engine optimized increases the traffic on the web page as well as bring a significant change in conversion rates.

While boosting the website traffic, remember to only provide product information that is true. Failure to do so will take a toll on the credibility of the brand and lead to negative reviews and loss of customer loyalty.

Customer Reviews

It is rightly said that a satisfied customer is the best marketing strategy. To get on board with this, the e-commerce platform should make sure that there is a channel for the customers to express their opinions. This becomes social proof that the product meets the quality described in the description.

Positive reviews left by previous customers build trust in the potential buyer and in turn, it boosts the conversion rates. Testimonials and reviews left by named customers have shown to increase sales conversion by 85%.

Also, these reviews left by the customers help in building a brand image for the establishment. Investing to showcase a list of impressed clients is an efficient business strategy to gain more customers.

Live Chat Support For Customers

Adding live chat support to the e-commerce platform gives a delightful experience to the customer. Making use of chatbots that provide assistance 24/7 is a sure-shot way to earn customer satisfaction. Live chat support that clear the customer’s doubts immediately will quicker the customer’s purchase. This increases conversion and sales rates.

At the same time, this feature builds the brand image and trust in the minds of people. Research has shown that people tend to make purchases or engage with sites that have implemented live chat support. Also, integrating proactive customer support into the business strategy helps in guiding the customer to ideal purchases as per their requirements.

Giving instant support in this age of instant gratification is a sure way to endear the page to prospective customers. Chatbots give the platform an added benefit over the sites that do not offer client support or query clearance. Also, providing timely replies to customer inquiries familiarizes the brand to the target population.

Incorporate A Sense Of Urgency

Consumers always respond positively when motivated by urgency. Scarcity and value are especially strong motivators and most of the consumer population hates to lose out on products. Capitalizing on this attitude enhances sales and conversions.

Lucrative offers like seasonal sales and limited period discounts on products result in a tremendous boost in sales. These incentives increase the sense of urgency in customers and lead to quicker checkouts. Other incentives like free shipping and exclusive memberships work in a similar manner.

Methods like this work subconsciously on the consumer population, so make sure that the incentive offered and the service delivered maintains consistency. Failing to do so will result in negative reviews and loss of customer’s trust. It should be noted that strategies like this work better for marketplace or inventory management systems.


By utilizing the techniques mentioned above, the conversion rates of the business platform will show a definite increase. Remember that when a visitor lands on a web page, there should be quality content and incentives for them to engage with the page.

Conversion rates increase the revenue that the business establishment receives. Hence, the establishment should put in conscious efforts to build an efficient strategy to increase sales and conversion rates. These attempts should make sure that the site persuades the visitor to become a customer.